It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
Mona, Camden

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And here we go again! Another scam has hit the computer services network. This time it is spreading via Facebook and the computer nerds are calling it the Facebook photoshop scam. It is reported that it has already claimed more that 600,000 people and continues to infect the social networking site. Readf an learn how to protect yourself and save some money on computer repairs call out. Continue reading “Facebook photoshop scam is about to infect you” »

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One way to improve the performance of your computer is to conduct regular computer service. For example, defragmenting its hard drive. Defragmenting is used for placing computer files back where they are supposed to be and setting them out neatly, with no unnecessary spaces in between. With all files in good order and well organised, your computer will run much smoother and more efficiently. Continue reading “Computer Service Defragmenting Your Computer” »

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