It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
Mona, Camden

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A rather controversial study came out recently in the UK warning that people should be very careful with their exposure to mobile phones and wireless internet networks. In fact, the study has gone so far as to say that all such devices should be banned from schools as they pose too much risk to child health. Continue reading “Truth of Fiction A study recommending banning all wi fi devices at schools” »

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The hack of Sony’s PlayStation Network is not the first such exposure of confidential client information and most certainly not the last. Cybercrime occurs every day; we just no made aware of most of the hackings that happen, because they are not on a significant enough scale to warrant media attention. The PlayStation hack attack exposed close to 77 million people to a highly significant risk of identity fraud which possibly also includes breach of credit card details information. Continue reading “If you are worried about being a victim of the PlayStation hacker attack, here is what to do about it” »

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