It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
Mona, Camden

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We’ve often been approached by people with an interest in computer repairs and have lost count of the number of resumes sent in to us. One thing that always stands out is when someone has completed an IT Traineeship.

IT Traineeships are a great way to complete a course in IT as well as gain experience in the industry. They are usually between 12 months and 24 months in duration.There are a few courses that can be done as a traineeship including the Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology, Certificate IV in Information Technology Support and Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking. Some of the areas covered in these courses include:

  • Installing and managing a server
  • Configuring a desktop environment
  • Building a small wireless local area network
  • Installing, configuring and testing network security
  • Selecting cloud storage strategies
  • Installing hardware to a network
  • Installing, configuring and securing a small office or home network
  • Performing basic computer repairs
  • Installing and configuring virtual machines
  • Installing, operating and troubleshooting a small enterprise branch network
  • Performing laptop and PC virus removal
  • Installing, configuring and testing routers
  • Completing database backups and restores
  • Supporting users and troubleshooting desktop applications
  • Configuring and troubleshooting operating systems
  • Connecting and repairing hardware peripherals
  • Installing and configuring printers and other hardware
  • Backing up data and transferring data to other storage devices

If you’re interested in computer repairs and have not yet completed a qualification or started working in the industry, we highly recommend completing a traineeship. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the IT industry.

When looking for trainees, we always advertise on Apprentice Match. If you’re looking for a traineeship in computer repairs, we highly recommend you register your details on their website as you’ll be kept up to date with any vacancies that match what you’re looking for.

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Hello dear readers of our computer repairs blog. Today’s computer repairs theme is Firefox and namely, it’s hidden settings. In Firefox, there are several commands that you type, you can see the information, the browser cache settings and a few and not very useful things. These commands are entered in the address bar without spaces.about: – here is the logo version of Firefox, assembly identity, as well as a few links.

Firefox image for computer repairs blog

Computer repairs blog about Firefox hidden settings

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[caption id="attachment_3237" align="alignleft" width="300"]Computer repairs blog USB 3.0 Computer repairs blog USB 3.0[/caption]

Good day, dear readers of Mobile Geeks computer repairs blog! Nowadays, technological progress does not stand still, and every day, not only new devices, interfaces, etc come out….but the old tried and true devices get improved.

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Hello everyone and welcome to computer repairs Wednesday! Wow have things changed in the past few months in Mobile Geeks’ and the technical world.

While we have kept our one off call out home and residential support, we have also added annual maintenance service for businesses and non-for profits and set up a new Google Apps and Microsoft 365 technical support service. So our computer repairs skills are their in a variety of ways :)


Virus removals are now a whole new game for us. Firstly, the game players have changed and as I said before about Chrome…good browser. However,  it is now also  the #1 browser and that means it is under attack. In our virus removal checklist, browser extensions and add-ons are the very first thing computer repairs geeks check to find out what they are dealing with. Chrome, in my opinion, has the most bugs and junk when we remote in and check clients’ browsers. Continue reading “Computer repairs blog Chrome add-ons and plug-ins allow spyware” »

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Computer repairs geeks are facing another Monday. And although it is gloomy and threatening of really bad weather, there is no reason why it cannot be a fantastic Monday. And all those Monday haters among you will just have to cope with my Pollyanna attitude today.

Geeks have been installing countless cloud computing systems as of late. Everyone, it seem, is seeing the benefits of cloud. Rather than installing costly software on your computer it is now the preferred option for may to just run applications in the cloud. Continue reading “Computer repairs blog update Cloud computing” »

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Today is a gloomy and rainy day but, I am quite happy with life as I plan my decidedly non computer repairs related day. I am off to have my half way ultrasound, you see why I am so excited now. Another important but less weighty reason is my new fashionable umbrella. There is not much a pregnant lady can indulge in the country where maternity clothing is represented by K-Mart selection of potato sacks…. Anyway, with no computer repairs on the horizon and a splendidly glamorous umbrella in hand I thought of all of those social media friends of mine that rock fashion blogging. So, this one is for you beautiful girls (and boys). Continue reading “Computer repairs blog Best gadgets for your glamazon fashion blog” »

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I thought I would devote this computer repairs blog to giving you a bit of an update on Instagram, seeing how much I love that app. (Find me under ‘mobilegeekette’). Anyway, Instagram  has had a tough past few days with the whole Twitter drama, however, they are trying  to remain on top and are not doing too bad of a job thanks to a new update for its iOS app. This update comes with a revised camera interface,  a brand-new filter that you can tinker with. It also has Foursquare integration for those that love to check-in to places. We used to do that at Mobile Geeks computer repairs but, seeing that we are always travelling around Sydney and rarely go to the same place enough times to win anything, we had to stop that :(

Computer repairs blog Instagram update

Instragram Old School

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Computer repairs is not just about fixing what is broken but, improving the operation of what is not. With the  new legal disclosure clauses, and the need to cross reference past emails, a lot of businesses are storing emails and have in some cases, almost stopped deleting them. Although this is great for disclosure and what my former boss referred to as ‘CYAF’ (Cover Your A… Filing), it can also lead to system overload.  Email stores in Outlook are normally sufficiently large but, within reason. And when reason is breached us, computer repairs geeks, see disastrous results. This is where backup comes in. Quality and reliable backup for Outlook is available for Exchange connected systems, however, standalone computers have to well, stand alone.  Backing up the PST (email database) is a duplication of the shell store, if the shell is corrupted the backup is risky. Continue reading “Computer repairs blog on how to better manage email data backup” »

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The world of computer repairs is full of quirks. Here is one for your Thursday. A Japanese refrigerator manufacturer is on a mission to make us happy about about our appliances. They have developed a smile-activated refrigerator – reall dream of some Denver fridge repair man. The fridge will not open unless you show its your pearly whites. The new system  is called the “The Happiness Counter,” encourages smiling in our every day lives. The contraption works  with built-in Sony CyberShot digital camera that has smile-recognition technology and a light sensor, it can detect when a smile has been flashed and unlocks the door to find the best meat with halal certificiation in Australia. Although you would be forgiven to think that this would cure your late night feeling depressed kind of eating habits, it is still possible to open the refrigerator even if you do not smile — you just have to pull on that door a lot harder. And Nigella Lawson will not have anything to worry about as that woman seems to have a perpetual grin when food is about. (Yes, I have been watching a few of Nigella videos lately) “We feel that the happiness counter will naturally encourage the act of smiling in the multitude of daily frustrations, thus enhancing a positive mood and the communication of people,” a spokesperson for the company said in a promotional video. How commendable! I hope you enjoyed this update on the weird a geeky in computer repairs world.

computer repairs wierd and geeky smile activated fridge

Smile to eat


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Congratulations! No I mean it, congratulations ladies and gentlemen for not being accessible to the powers that be 24/7 for no reason at all. This was one of the options on the cards when (no, it was not put quite in those terms) when the new law for cyber privacy was being discussed. So, take a deep happy breath and know that the governmnet now allows authorities to collect and monitor your internet records, including web-browsing history, social media activity and emails. Confused and cannot see the difference? You are not the only one. Continue reading “Computer repairs update on new laws on online privacy” »

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