It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
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Are you tired of the way certain keys in your system work? What about the*Caps-Lock* key? Did you know you can re-map it so it will function as a different key, you can do that by using a registry hack.  If you are all sweet with that, go ahead. If you are looking for an easier way, read on as that is exactly what this computer repairs blog is all about.

Now, this is where a small utility called SharpKeys comes into the picture: This utility will let you easily map one key to another – or – turn it off altogether, without you even having to enter the registry at all

For example, we used the key mapping to just turn the Caps Lock key off, since we never use it.

Key to computer repairs

Key to world domination

If you click the *add* key it brings up the *Add New Key Mapping dialog*, here you can either select the keys to map from the lists, or just click the Type Key button and press the key manually (which we find much more intuitive).

When you are done, click the *Write to Registry* button and you will be told to logout or reboot for the changes to take effect. I swear, this is the most persistently annoying part of computer repairs geekdom…waiting for the changes to take effect…it is kind of like life as well…

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