It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
Mona, Camden

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Hello dear readers of our computer repairs blog. Today’s computer repairs theme is Firefox and namely, it’s hidden settings. In Firefox, there are several commands that you type, you can see the information, the browser cache settings and a few and not very useful things. These commands are entered in the address bar without spaces.about: – here is the logo version of Firefox, assembly identity, as well as a few links.

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Computer repairs blog about Firefox hidden settings

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With larger storage capacity and faster transfer rates, it’s no wonder these days that people are using USB flash drives for more than just storing their photos and music files (including our own chief computer repairs geek). If you are just stepping into the world of electronics and computer, make sure to read this best flash drive guide to know all about it. These days, USB storage capacity exceeds 64GB, while transfer speeds exceed 100MB/second, making them capable of performing in line with an SDD or HDD. Another benefit is cost – prices just keep on dropping.

Lets have a look at the PNY Turbo 3.0 64GB Flash Drive for example. It has read speeds of up to 95MB/second and write speeds of up to 60MB/second. It is 10 times faster than the standard PNY USB 2.0 flash drives, allowing for super quick transfer or large files such as movies. It will cost you around $50 while the 128GB capacity drive will set you back around $90.  It is also available in 32GB. It’s ease-of-use is the same as previous USB technologies, with the exception of an increase in speed. It’s design is also worth a mention - it has a sliding connector, meaning no cap to lose.

Small businesses these days are even using USB drives to backup data (of course, they should not be used as the only backup method). Many programs offer one-click backup to USB, allowing quick backup of files that can then be transported and stored off-site. Something to keep in mind though, is encryption. If you business data requires protection, you need to choose a USB flash drive that supports backup encryption. Encrypting data with a password is simple, however if you lose your password, decrypting the data could be impossible. It’s a good idea to write the password down and store it in a safe location.

Aside from computer repairs, Mobile Geeks can assist you with determining the appropriate storage methods and devices for your business or task so don’t delay and contact your mobile geek today!







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Hello everyone and welcome to computer repairs Wednesday! Wow have things changed in the past few months in Mobile Geeks’ and the technical world.

While we have kept our one off call out home and residential support, we have also added annual maintenance service for businesses and non-for profits and set up a new Google Apps and Microsoft 365 technical support service. So our computer repairs skills are their in a variety of ways :)


Virus removals are now a whole new game for us. Firstly, the game players have changed and as I said before about Chrome…good browser. However,  it is now also  the #1 browser and that means it is under attack. In our virus removal checklist, browser extensions and add-ons are the very first thing computer repairs geeks check to find out what they are dealing with. Chrome, in my opinion, has the most bugs and junk when we remote in and check clients’ browsers. Continue reading “Computer repairs blog Chrome add-ons and plug-ins allow spyware” »

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Computer repairs geeks are facing another Monday. And although it is gloomy and threatening of really bad weather, there is no reason why it cannot be a fantastic Monday. And all those Monday haters among you will just have to cope with my Pollyanna attitude today.

Geeks have been installing countless cloud computing systems as of late. Everyone, it seem, is seeing the benefits of cloud. Rather than installing costly software on your computer it is now the preferred option for may to just run applications in the cloud. Continue reading “Computer repairs blog update Cloud computing” »

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Today is a gloomy and rainy day but, I am quite happy with life as I plan my decidedly non computer repairs related day. I am off to have my half way ultrasound, you see why I am so excited now. Another important but less weighty reason is my new fashionable umbrella. There is not much a pregnant lady can indulge in the country where maternity clothing is represented by K-Mart selection of potato sacks…. Anyway, with no computer repairs on the horizon and a splendidly glamorous umbrella in hand I thought of all of those social media friends of mine that rock fashion blogging. So, this one is for you beautiful girls (and boys). Continue reading “Computer repairs blog Best gadgets for your glamazon fashion blog” »

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Yesterday, Mobile Geeks got a call from a legal firm, the Office manager said the Partner’s computer crashed and the Partner was about to do the same from stress. We dispatched a Geek there immediately (lucky that we actually had one just finishing a job in the neighbourhood when the call was received). After checking the machine out, the Geek established that, sure enough, the hard drive was fried. Of course, the call did not come in until almost closing time and this Partner needed data off the drive the next morning for his court appearance. Continue reading “Your Honour, I failed to back up.” »

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Secure Backup

November 5th, 2011

It is amazing to note the mistakes that even professionals commit, especially when it comes to safeguarding their data properly. Most of them do not perform simple back-up tasks and blame the system when it fails. This technical article will help you to gain insight on how to carry out a professional computer service task like backing up your data. This article assumes that you do not have loads of audio and video on your hard drive that calls for special backup routines. Continue reading “Secure Backup” »

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To understand how to find and use the Microsoft Repair Tool, it is important to first understand what a PST or Personal Storage Tablet is. PST is the main file, which the Outlook utilises to store a local copy of all the emails, contacts, notes, calendar items or journals received or sent by the user. Thus, as soon as the Outlook starts, all the emails in the PST are gathered and distributed in their respective folders to be displayed on screen. All the received emails or even the sent ones have their addresses added onto the Address book. So, the PST gets updated according to the type of operation undertaken.  Continue reading “How to use Microsoft Repair Tool to Recover Your Emails” »

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OK, so you are having an issue with your laptop. I understand it can be frustrating, but before you get out the screw driver and circular saw, have a look at these six things which can often be overlooked, but are crucial to remember before your laptop ends up being a heap of screws. Continue reading “Is amateur DIY the wisest choice for your laptop” »

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