It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
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Our computer repairs Chief Mobile Geek is a big fan of cloud storage. For those who don’t know what cloud storage is, you can think of it as virtual storage space, where multiple servers are used to store data and these servers are generally hosted by third parties.

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons for cloud storage. Here, we’ll base these pros and cons on cloud storage for business. Lets start with the disadvantages.

  • The process of backing up can be slower than other methods such as disk and tape
  • Technical issues – even though you can access data anytime from anywhere, service providers will run into technical issues at some point
  • Security – you may not be comfortable knowing that your secure data will be surrendered to a third party service provider. This is where it is important to do your research to ensure that you choose a reliable provider. Also keep in mind, on the same topic of security, your company could be prone to attack because as we all know, the Internet is not 100% secure.

Now for some advantages:

  • Cloud storage is cost efficient! Since you are essentially renting space on a server, you do not have to pay for the hardware used to store it. Plus, many of these companies are just starting out and offer great sales. The lowest priced cloud storage gets even cheaper with flexible payment options - such as pay as you go and upfront payment.
  • You don’t need to worry about running out of storage space – you’ll have access to almost unlimited storage space.
  • It is simple to back up and recover data. At you’ll find articles that cover some useful apps/resources to help recover deleted files from android and iOS devices.
  • You can access data anytime from anywhere

If you’re looking for a cloud storage provider, here are a few with good reviews:

  • iCloud - mainly used for backing up iPhones and iPads
  • Dropbox - really simple to use and one of the most versatile ones around
  • Google Drive - competitively priced and it’s Google – what more do we need to say!

Mobile Geeks suggest that you use another form of backup with cloud storage as you can never be too safe.

Computer Repairs Blog: Cloud Storage - dropbox


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Our Computer Repairs Mobile Geeks needed a boost themselves after consuming so much chocolate in the office this Easter. Surprisingly, they’ve hit the ground running again and are out there doing what they do best. One thing they are coming across often is a request to boost internet speeds. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to boost your Wi-Fi and you don’t need to be an expert in IT.

You would have noticed that signal strength varies in different areas of your house. It is worth installing signal strength software to help you identify blackspots. You can try moving your base station and you’ll be able to see if things improve. A good place for a base station is a central location within your house and of course, the higher it is, the better.

The monitoring software can also help you with identifying your neighbours hotspots. You’ll be able to see which channel each network is running on so if your neighbours network is interfering with yours, you could try a different channel – for 2.4GHZ networks, channels 1, 6 and 11 are meant to be best. Overlapping of networks is not so much an issue for 5GHZ networks as the channels are spaced apart more. Base stations are actually configured to use the best channel available, however, you could always restart it so it can scan for a better channel if there’s one available.

You may also experience interference from other electrical equipment within your house such as a telephone base stations and DSL modems so keep this in mind when you are choosing a spot for your Wi-Fi base station.

Another thing you could try is a Wi-Fi extender. They work by connecting to your network and rebroadcasting the signal.

Computer Repairs Blog: wifi extender

Of course, if all else fails, please don’t hesitate to call our expert computer repairs Mobile Geeks!


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Although 12 years old, Windows XP was still being sold on some computers as late as 2010 (don’t worry – our computer repairs Mobile Geeks always use the latest technology and software!). Worldwide, it was the second most popular operating system, behind Windows 7. However, from tomorrow, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP. From Friday last week, users were greeted with an annoying pop-up whenever they went to run Microsoft Security Essentials (which will continue to be updated until July next year). The pop-up warns users that XP will no longer be supported and directs them to a website where they are given other operating system options. Approximately 1.5 million Australian computers have XP installed on them. That’s a lot of annoying pop-ups!

Computer Repairs Blog: The annoying Windows XP pop-up


Worldwide, Windows 7 is the most popular operating system. People say it is the best version of Windows yet. It looks like Vista, except it’s better and faster. A new feature, HomeGroup, allows you to share files, folders and printers on a home network, however the other computers must also have Windows 7. There are also libraries, which are consolidated folders that allow you to keep track of documents, pictures and music.

If you are thinking about upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, apparently it is not such a smooth procedure, as your existing software/hardware settings won’t be recognised by Windows 7. You would actually need to install all your software again as well as all the updates and patches that have been released. If your PC is fairly old, might be an idea to just bite the bullet and buy a new one.

Lastly, Windows 7 has 4 editions:

Starter – has all the essentials

Home Premium – suitable for consumer desktops and notebooks

Professional – suitable for business counterparts and higher end models

Ultimate – for top-shelf systems

Keep in mind though, if you are going to stick with XP despite the annoying pop ups, you may very well need our computer repairs services because seeing as there’ll be no support for XP, it is feared that hackers will be ready to pounce at the vulnerabilities!




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I have been trying to convince my better half to go travelling for ages! It is not that he does not want to or does not see the joys of travel. It is simply the issue of a very busy life and too many commitments and responsibilities…the main problem of our time. Continue reading “Review of the best smartphone apps for travellers” »

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Now, there you are…reading this..Perhaps, if you are like me, your eyes are scrunched up, your shoulders are slumped and your nose just simply should not be that close to the computer screen….Ah, have I caught you readjusting? Well, I have done the same. I am now the model of ergonomic posturing. Unfortunately, not for long… Studies and multiple internet articles show that bad posture at your computer could cost you in time away from your business and medical bills. Continue reading “Computer repairs and your desk set up” »

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Data recovery

February 25th, 2011

Sooner or later we all need to learn about data recovery, because sooner or later we all run into  problems with the hardware and to access the lost data, we will need data retrieval help from expert computer repairs geeks. Even if you are extra careful with your computer and its components, you can still end up with a damaged and unusable hard drive. Continue reading “Data recovery” »

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If you own a business, it is likely that you have got a ‘distributed workforce’. This is especially true for those of you that have businesses operating entirely online. ‘Distributed workforce’ means that your employees (and contractors and partners) are located in different countries around the world. Continue reading “10 great tools for your online business” »

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And here we go again! Another scam has hit the computer services network. This time it is spreading via Facebook and the computer nerds are calling it the Facebook photoshop scam. It is reported that it has already claimed more that 600,000 people and continues to infect the social networking site. Readf an learn how to protect yourself and save some money on computer repairs call out. Continue reading “Facebook photoshop scam is about to infect you” »

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One way to improve the performance of your computer is to conduct regular computer service. For example, defragmenting its hard drive. Defragmenting is used for placing computer files back where they are supposed to be and setting them out neatly, with no unnecessary spaces in between. With all files in good order and well organised, your computer will run much smoother and more efficiently. Continue reading “Computer Service Defragmenting Your Computer” »

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