It takes a special person indeed to put up with chasing me around the city to pick up my laptop. They delivered it back to me in Cherrybrook at the end of the day, all fixed! Thank you so much boys.
Mona, Camden

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Information technology is changing in leaps and bounds every day. Before the hype surrounding the release of the latest gadget is over, the next big thing comes out…None of these computer gadgets are free, and small business owners, are understandibly apprehensive about investing. They do not want to see their big purchases be deemed outdated within a few months. Continue reading “Six hints for Small Business Owners that can help cut IT costs” »

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Some small business owners are not as well informed as they really should be about business computer backup strategies. Small business owners should be aware that this is not an activity that is set aside for large companies alone and that smart backup can save you and your business dollars and hours in computer repairs time.   Continue reading “Backup or why tomorrow may be too late” »

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