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Computer Repairs Acacia Gardens

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Acacia Gardens

Computer Repairs Acacia Gardens:

In this day and age we are so caught up on technology, so much so that when our computer or laptop hits a snag; our lifestyle can be affected too. When our computer or laptop is no longer performing to its peak  - or worse still completely shuts down, leaving us unable to organise our social life, access our e-mails, browse the Internet, or, perhaps even work from home, it’s time to call in the computer repair specialists. Mobile Geeks can offer you all your computer repairs services from removing a virus to recovering data. Our qualified technicians work with the motto that *the customer is always right* and we make sure all your computer repairs, are carried out quickly and simply. Our technicians are assessed on both their qualifications and on their customer care skills, so, if you’re not happy, we’re not 

Mobile Geeks are a Sydney based computer repair company that has been handling the needs of the area for a number of years. In the past we have dealt with many computer repairs and associated services in the Acacia Gardens area, so now we are the computer repairs Acacia Gardens preferred team!

Mobile Geeks the computer repairers are dedicated, to all our customers in Acacia Gardens, from home to office we make IT easy for you!

We offer you on site computer repairs and maintenance 7 days a week

Contact us on 1300 883 021 to talk to one of our friendly Geeks straight away!

Acacia Gardens Historical Note:

Acacia Gardens is a suburb of Sydney located approximately 40 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the City of Blacktown. Acacia Gardens is part of the Greater Western Sydney region and is also sometimes counted as part of the southern end of the Hills District.

Historically, Acacia Gardens was part of Quakers Hill. The beautiful name was chosen to portray the rural qualities of the suburb, with shady acacia trees being common in the area. A lot of the suburb’s streets are named after flowers adding to the general charm of the area.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Backup software installation and configuration


Client required backup software installation and configuration on their desktop PC. 

Resolve office meltdown after new NBN connection


Everyone lost access to local shares, printers etc. After diagnosing it was just the local IP address range being different on the new router. Configured the DHCP to provide the same format of IP addresses as the old format.

computer repairs task: remove virus from sales register machine


1. went onsite

2. inspect machine with virus

3. create backup of database and copy to two external USB devices

4. shut down machine and restart in safe mode

5. install scanner tool and update to latest definitions

6. run scan, removed 10 infected files

7. reboot into windows and perform 10 min test for virus popup (pass)

8. start sale register software and observe for 10 min (pass)

IBM Lenovo Install and Setup


1. Installed new IBM Thinkcenter

2. Uninstalled unwanted applications and pre installed trial software

3. Installed Office 2003 and configured

4. Installed AVG Antivirus

5. Customised desktop and power settings

6. Uninstalled blackberry software for user and reinstalled

7. Configured blackberry software and setup calander/contact sync

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