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In the modern world, we have become so reliant on computers and other electronic gadgets that if say, your PC is struggling; you are likely to be struggling too. For example, your electronic diary has failed to be updated because of some problem with software on your PC, you miss a vitally important work meeting and as a result, do not get that business deal you were so counting on. Struggling? I think so.

Our advice is that you do not ever get the technology to the point where it fails on you (...although there are some circumstances that cause errors despite the best computer maintenance efforts). As computer repairs specialists that have been servicing Sydney for a number of years, we recommend that you have an IT expert check your machine regularly. However, if that is not possible, make sure that you have a good computer repair company number on your speed dial, because computer repair failures tend to happen when you need them the least. Moreover, some computer repair problems may become worse if you continue to use the machine.

Mobile Geeks are the leading computer repairs Alexandria and Sydney company. We can assist with all of your computer repairs needs properly, competently and with good attitude. Inside our business enterprise, the old maxim of ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ still is alive and well. Every one of our computer repair employees is systematically tested and not simply for their field expertise and credentials but their customer service skills.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney provider that has been caring for the computer repairs needs of this town for a long time. In the past, we have brought to you a variety of computer repairs Alexandria covering anything from trojan elimination, files back-up together with restoration, system set up and electronic mail set up wireless system, Voice over internet protocol and terminal hosting server programming. Our company is dedicated each of our Alexandria businesses as well as individuals and look forward to Making IT Easy for you!


 Mobile Geeks deliver on-site expert, secured and pleasant computer repairs and servicing 7 days each week. Call up 1300 883 021 to talk to our Geeks straight away!








Alexandria Historical Note:

Alexandria is an inner-city suburb of Sydney located 4 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD and is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney.

Alexandria was named after a Royalty. Princess Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII, was th eone who gave her name to this once highly industrial area In 1868, the Borough of Alexandria was formed, after separating from Waterloo. By 1943, Alexandria was thebiggest industrial district in the country, also known as the "Birmingham of Australia". Th edistric was the home to everything from  with everything from bricks to aeroplanes manufactured in 550 factories in just 1,000 acres (4.0 km2).

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Mouse and keyboard is not working anymore


Customers mouse and keyboard stopped working on their PC. Boot into safe mode, removed installed drivers for mouse and keyboard, reinstalled drivers manually and they now operate normally.

Client was having problems with Windows 10


Computer accessed remotely and the client wsa guided through the process so he could proceed with his documdent

Client advised that he needs dual screens for four computers and placed the order on the phone.


The screens were supplied and connected ot the respective computers. Tested and found to be workoing properly.  Gave training to the staff on how to use dual screens.

User needed some help in using the new laptop


Remotely assisted the client in how to use the new laptop, i.e, from switching it on, starting and then opening and using the Microsoft Office applications and also Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook search function not working


Assisted client in resolving her outlook issues by running through various troubleshooting such as rebuilding the indexing and resetting the Windows Search, resolved by a reinstallation of office 2016

Client wants help in installing printer and setting up network


Supplied and installed a Lenovo Slim Factor desktop PC with intel i5 processor, 8gb RAM  DVD/Raw and Win 7 and 8 Pro. Also set up a Toshiba laptop, extracted data from computer hard drive, reload clean operating system onto the Toshiba laptop, set up Toshiba laptop for Win7  and load data and software applications back on.  Tested that all devices are working properly and printing is possible in all.

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