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Computer Repairs Annandale

Refine Computer Repairs


Computers are very sophisticated and complex machines that require regular maintenance to operate at their peak efficiency. Mobile Geeks highly recommend that you always ensure that your computers are serviced regularly. If required, our computer technicians can make scheduled calls to you to remind you of needed maintenance. That is just another one of our commitments to excellency!

We do, however, understand that some of you prefer to trust your machines without any assistance from computer technicians unless there is a problem. Mobile Geeks specialise in fixing all such computer problems, even those difficult ones that would send most technicians seeking assistance. All of our computer repairs geeks come with years of industry experience and expertise and there is no problem they cannot fix (unless, of course, you are asking for the impossible :))

Mobile Geeks is a proud Sydney service provider that has been taking care of the computer repairs Ananndale and Sydney for a number of years. As time goes on, we have brought a wide range of computer repairs and maintenance services in Annandale covering anything from trojan removal, computer data back-up as well as restoration, computer software install and email set up wifi system, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal server programming.

Mobile Geeks deliver on-site experienced, guaranteed and helpful computer repairs and servicing seven days each week. Call 1300 883 021 if you want to talk to our Geeks straight away!

Annandale Historical Note:

Is a suburb located in the inner West region of Sydney and is just 5 kilometers west of the central business district. To the South is Stanmore, to the North is Rozelle Bay which is on Sydney Harbour, Lilyfield and Leichardt lie on its West and Glebe to the East.

Many Heritage listed buildings lay within its borders including *Grant Leigh* on Johnston Street – classified by the National Trust.

Also on Johnston Street in the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, constructed in 1885-89, this Gothic church’s 56 meter sandstone spire was the tallest in NSW for over 100 years, until in 2000 when Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral 70 meter twin spires were completed.

Other notable buildings along Jonston Street include – The council chambers, Uniting Church, Post Office – a great example of the federation Queen Anne style, The Abbey and stone walls, Annandale Public School and North Annandale Public School

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client wants to replace two of the old computers


Discussions covered the client's requirements.  The two computers were checked, found out to be sluggish and crashed a few times.

These will be replaced by two Lenovos -- client decided to have laptops instead of desk top PCs.

Client needed the two new Iphone 8 be configured to get emails and social media


A quck visit onsite and the two i;pones were configured, connected to the network -- ensured that they could also print via network

Client is starting a business, needs a network for five computers and other devices


Clients' needs were discussed, information gathered regarding existing devices that need to be networked.

Recommendation will be e-mailed for client's consideration -- then proceed with the purchase and set up of

mini server etc.

Client needed help in setting up new router and create email addresses for a small home business.


The modem was configured, created 4 new email addresses for the new business.

Tested if working - all well.

Computer has become very slow and the keys stick. Client discussed the problem and made an appointment.


It was recommnded that the computer be replaced with the Lenovo desktop. A check up visit was scheduled to have a thorough look athe computer and also determine the clients other computer needs.

The computer does not print, need urgent attention due to deadlnes to be met.


The main computer attached to the server was checked.  It lost emulation with the Brother printer. Needed to uninstall the software and re install in the computer and other lap tops that are connected to the network to make sure that the client has other options.

Tested that the printer is in the network and printed properly.  Tested, all OK.

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