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Computer Repairs Annangrove

Refine Computer Repairs


Computer Repairs Annangrove:

In the modern world we are certainly so reliant upon computers that once your computer or laptop has a glitch your entire life will be afflicted with 1 as well. As soon as your computer refuses to work to its best efficiency and / or even worse, completely packs it in on you, you can practically feel your life falling apart at the seams. No? It certainly feels like that to me from all those computer repairs service calls I get every day. They generally start with 'HELP!'

Well, whether you are panicking or keeping it cool about your computer repairs, Annangrove issues, it is still time to give a call to your specialist computer repairs geeks. Mobile Geeks have the ability to care for every single of your computer repairs, Annangrove needs expertly, effectively and with good attitude. In our business, that saying of ‘The Customer is Always Right’ still is alive and well. Every one of our computer repairs specialists is continually assessed, but not only on business specialist knowledge and qualifications. They are also tested on their customer care attributes.

Mobile Geeks are really a proud Sydney establishment that has been tending to the computer repairs needs of this capital city for a few years. Through the years, we have supplied an array of computer repairs, Annangrove ranging from virus contamination removal, data files back-up along with recovery, application installations and electronic mail set up wi-fi system, VOIP and terminal web server programming. We are dedicated to our Annangrove business as well as personal computer repairs clients and look forward to Making IT Easy for you! Mobile Geeks supply you with on location, qualified, professional, warranted and helpful computer repairs and servicing 7 days a week. Call us at 1300 883 021 to be able to talk to our Geeks today. And if you are wondering why we have put 'computer repairs Annangrove' so many times in one page, it is not because we have memory issues it is to make sure you can find us :) Mobile Geeks is Sydney's leading computer repairs, Annangrove company.

Computer Repairs Annangrove Historical Note:

Annangrove is located 42 kilometers North West of the Sydney central business district, Annangrove is in the local government area of the Hills Shire and is part of the Hills district. Named after Annangrove house, which was the home of Edward Charles Johnston, a grandson of George Johnston who had received a large grant in present day Annandale. He named his home Annandale after his birthplace in Scotland – Annan. His grandson also used the name for his house in this area. The first actual industry in the area was timber cutting, followed by orchards in the 1880’s. In 1893 Edward Johnston bought his land from Bennett William Johns. The post office took on the name Annangrove from the house when it opened in 1895 as did the school upon it’s opening in 1896. Suburbs around Annangrove include – Box Hill, Nelson, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Maraylya, and Kenthurst. Call Mobil Geeks for your computer repairs, Annangrove requests.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer repairs: Email is not working


Computer repairs: Email is not working

Configure VPN connection


Client wishes to have a VPN connection setup on their PC to access their shares from work, was able to configure the VPN configuration for the client.

Inability to connect to the internet


Checked the internet connection - modem not working properly. Reconfigured.

Contacted Iprimus.  Tested that all devices now connected o the modem, and then to the internet

Computer is "misbehaving" - it crashes off and on


Computer was checked, found to have a virus - removed virus.  Uninstalled and re-installed the anti virus software.  Also set up office printer as the network printer and configured other mobile devices.

Needs to improve the HP computer performance


Checked the computer;  found out that the storage is almost full.  Deleted unwanted files,  uninstalled unnecessary software and updated drives.  Ensured that the internet connection is working seamlessly.  Recommended the purchase of a new computer.

Correct multiple issues in small office


1. Setup new user on desktop

2. Created email accounts

3. Installed Nortons Antivirus and configutred

4. Fixed password issues

5. Setup network printers

6. Created user accounts and mapped network drives

7. Looked at MYOB data file problems

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