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Computer Repairs Arcadia

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Computer Repairs Arcadia:

In our 21st century, we are so reliant upon technological innovation that when your PC or a loptop throws you a glitch, you feel like packing it in and hiding in a dark corner. Only yesterday, I had a client on our computer repairs Arcadia line saying that despite her care not to fall victim to those online and phone scams, she ended up handing over money and access to her computer to some unscrupulous people. As a result, her computer is pretty much fried. And yes, she was crying on the phone.

So, when your computer system won't perform well or perhaps even worse, totally fails and you are therefore, unable to cope with existence. It is time to call computer repairs, Arcadia technicians. Mobile Geeks will be able to service all of your computer repairs specifications properly, effectively and together with a great attitude.

In this business enterprise, the saying of ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ remains to be alive and well. Each and every one of our computer repairs employees is systematically evaluated more than just on his/her business proficiency and experience but also on their consumer support abilities.

Mobile Geeks really are a proud Sydney business which has been tending to the computer repairs, Arcadia needs of this town for several years. As time went on, we have brought to you numerous computer repairs and maintenance services starting from virus removal, data back-up along with restoration, software package installation and electronic mail set up wireless network, VOIP as well as terminal hosting server programming.

We are committed to our computer repairs Arcadia business as well as individual clientele and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Just to put your mind at ease, that lady on our computer repairs Arcadia line, is happy now. We have removed the virus from her machine, which required a reformat. And have re-installed all her preferred software. Except for the lost money and the cancelled credit cards, the computer repairs Arcadia drama is all but a distant memory.

Contact us by calling 1300 883 021 to talk to our computer repairs Arcadia Geeks right now. Mobile Geeks is Sydney's leading computer repairs, Arcadia company.

Computer Repairs Arcadia Historical Note:

Arcadia is a suburb located in the North Western area of Sydney in the area known as the upper North Shore. Located 42 kilometers North West of the central business district. The original inhabitants of the area were the Aboriginal people known as the Darug people. From 1817 the area was opened up by the timber cutters, and the original settlements were known as Upper, Middle, Lower, North and Little Dural. The name Dooral shows on Surveyor James Meehan’s map of April 1817 and covered the whole area which includes present day Arcadia along with Galston, Dural and Glenorie. The name Arcadia was given to the public school that opened in 1895 in the area and was later adopted for the suburb. Still a semi rural suburb with only one small local store come café called *Andy’s takeaway*. Any commercial properties are restricted to farms and animal boarding kennels.

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mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client wanted help to improve his computer's performance - windows seem to be too slow in starting


Data was backed up, the computer was formatted, OS and all needed software re-installed

Client is concerned about viruses, spyware, malware and need an anti virus sottware


The client described the nature of the data in the office. It was agreed that the 3 computers be installed with the AVG anti viru.

Client needs the lap top to respond more quickly.


The Lenovo X220 was tested,  an additional 4 gb ram needs to be installed to improve its performance\.

Lap top not working properly


The lap top was checked thoroughly, it was erratic.  It had to be taken away to be rebuilt

Having difficulties accessing websites


Checked which program is installed in the PC -  found out there are 3 programs, Google, Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Uninstalled Google and reinstalled it,  uninstalled Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  This enabled the computer to work faster and also to connect to various websites.

Wants the computer to perform "better", i.e., for it to respond quicker


Checked the computer, performed disc management tasks, defragmentation, updated registers, installed missing drivers.

checked devices connected to the computer,  deleted unused/unwanted ones -  with the help of the client transferred old folders to external drive, streamlined the computer folders.

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