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Computer Repairs Beacon Hill

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Beacon Hill

In our 21st century we have grown so reliant upon computers and technology that if your pc is sufffering from a glitch all your life style can experience one too. As soon as a laptop or desktop refuses to perform to its optimum efficiency and / or even worse, thoroughly fails and you are also unable to send electronic mails, see the world wide web or even a undertake your business or accomplish the task - It is time to get in touch with computer repair industry experts. Mobile Geeks are designed to support most your computer repairs specifications expertly, proficiently and with very good attitude. Throughout our commercial enterprise, that proverb, ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ remains to be alive and well. Every one of our computer repair consultants is frequently evaluated but not just on their profession skills and qualifications but also on their customer skills.

Mobile Geeks are proud Sydney company which has been attending to the computer repair needs in this community for many a year. Over the years we've supplied various computer repairs and maintenance services in Beacon Hill starting from virus removals, info back-up along with recovery, system installment and electronic mail set up to wifi network, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal web server development.

We are devoted to our Beacon Hill business and individual customers and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks deliver you onsite competent, assured and helpful computer repairs and maintenance seven days each week. Telephone 1300 883 021 if you want to talk to our Geeks right away.

Beacon Hill Historical Note:

Located 17 kilometres from the Sydney Central Business District is Beacon Hill. Part of the Northern Beaches area this northern Sydney suburb is covered by the local government area of Warringah Council.

In 1881 Beacon Hill was given the name after the department of lands built a trigometric beacon there. Many of the streets have been named after notable military men, battles, or places where Australian troops served during WW2 – Kokoda Crescent, Lae Place, Owen Stanley Avenue and Goroka Place.

While there are some aboriginal rock carvings to the north of Red Hill, very little is known of any aboriginal culture in the Beacon Hill area. Other local areas closer to the sea do have a colourful and rich aboriginal background.

Most of the houses in the area were built during the 1950’ and 1960’s in the boom times after World war Two

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Backup drive (NAS) harddrive failure


Clients NAS device is experiencing an error on one of the backup harddrives notifying it has failed and requires replacement. 

Outlook hyperlinks not opening


Client is trying to open hyperlinks in outlook but is getting error "something unexpected went wrong with this url". 

Client needed help with e-mail migration and other miscellaneous tasks


Full e-mail cloud migration carried out.  The laptop was checked and disc management and defrag carried.  Some old and unwanted applications were deinstalled. The laptop was made to emulate with the wifi printer Epson XP420.  Tested that all applications are working, include MYOB.

Computer repairs task general clean up and backup



 1 Hour Labour - General PC cleanup and backup onto external hard disk 1 $141.82 $141.82
 Seagate USB 3.0 2TB external HDD

 1 Hour Labour - General PC cleanup and backup onto external hard disk. Supplied Seagate USB 3.0 2TB external HDD


Setup small office network


1. Run two ethernet cables to two office machines

2. Set up internet on two office machines

3. Disable LAN access on two office machines (but have access to internet)

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