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Computer Repairs Beecroft

Refine Computer Repairs


We have become so dependent upon technology that whenever your laptop or computer has got a problem you are bound to have difficulties with all the other aspects of your life. As soon as your computer system refuses to perform it's magic or  fully crashes and you're no longer able to shoot e-mails, browse the net or even conduct your business or your job - It's prime time to contact computer repair professionals. Mobile Geeks are designed to assist with every single one of your computer repairs needs skillfully, expertly with great attitude. Within our firm, the old adage, ‘The Customer is Always Right’ is still alive and well. Every one of our computer repair technicians is regularly evaluated not simply for their field competency and qualifications but additionally, on their client service techniques.

Mobile Geeks are proud Sydney business who has been caring for the computer repair needs of the town for a number of years. Over the years, we have brought many computer repairs and maintenance services to Beecroft. For example, malware removal, information back-up along with retrieval, software system installation and email set up to wifi network, VOIP and terminal hosting server development.

Our company is dedicated to all of our Beecroft business as well as individuals and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks are able to provide on location expert, secured and helpful computer repairs and servicing 7 days each week. Phone 1300 883 021 in order to talk to our Geeks right now.

Beecroft Historical Note:

Beecroft is a northern Sydney suburb located 22 kilometers north west of the central business district, within the local government area of Hornsby Shire it is within the area known as the Northern Suburbs of Sydney

Before it became a suburb it was orchard country, in 1886 the railway came through and the Minister of Lands, Sir Henry Copeland conducted a survey to see if it was suitable of becoming a residential area. He named the area Beecroft after the maiden name of his wives – two sisters he married in succession. Their names have been remembered by the streets named after them – Copeland Road, Mary Street and Hannah Street.

In keeping the spirit of the areas heritage within the Beecroft Village arcade only Old English typeset has been used. In 2005 Hannah Street which is the suburbs main commercial street underwent a beautification upgrade.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client thinks the computer has a virus --it crashes and freezes intermittently


Computer thoroughly checked and was found to have a virus.  Virus removed, uninstalled and re-installed the Windows 8 operating system. Also re-installed Microsoft Office Suite,  Quicken and digital imaging software applications-  Set up the printer and the internet. Checked that other smart devices connect to the wifi and that they emulate with the airprinter.

Computer repairs task Beecroft: Cryptolocker virus


Computer repairs task: Cryptolocker virus confirmed. Client advised of the next steps. Once the key is recieved from the hackers, client will call re completion of the job. Client has confirmed for antivirus software to be installed.

Computer repairs Beecroft lost data


The client used File and Setting Transfer on an old XP machine to transfer the data onto an external hard disk. The client then restored the computer to factory settings (it was playing up!) Unfortunately, the client could not get the data off the hard disk & back to the computer. This problem did not have a happy ending. The client's efforts to download the data onto an external hard drive were not successful. The data was lost. 

Inspect faulty DVD player in computer


1. Diagnose faulty DVD unit in PC

2. Remove and install new DVD DL burner unit in PC

3. Test new DVD unit functions

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