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Bellevue Hill

We are so very dependent on computers that if your computer malfunctions your entire lifestyle is likely to  malfunction too. Once your system refuses to perform it's magic to its maximum effectiveness or even worse, ultimately goes down and you're simply no longer able to get messages, browse the world wide web or do your business  - It's time to ring computer repair gurus. Mobile Geeks have the ability to assist with all of your computer repairs requirements expertly, proficiently and with a friendly attitude. Inside our business, that old proverb, ‘The Customer is Always Right’ still is alive and well. All our computer repair specialists are regularly examined not just for their industry competencies and qualifications but in addition for their client care abilities.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney provider that has been responding to the computer repair needs of this community for lots of years. Over the years we have delivered a large selection of computer repairs and maintenance services in Bellevue Hill starting from computer virus elimination, information back-up together with restoration, software installation and electronic mail set up wireless network, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal web server development.

Our company is dedicated the Bellevue Hill business and individual clientele and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks supply on-site specialised, secured and pleasant computer repairs and maintenance 7 days every week. Call us at 1300 883 021 so that you can chat to our Geeks right away.

Bellevue Hill Historical Note:

This eastern suburb of Sydney is located 5 kilometers east of the central business district and is within the local government area of the Municipality of Woollahra

Referred to as Vinegar Hill by Irish-Australian immigrants in the early 19th century after the *Battle of Vinegar Hill* an engagement during the 1798 uprising in south east Ireland by the united Irishmen. The Governor Lachlan Macquarie decided to name it  Bellevue meaning beautiful view. Now known as one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs, this historic Queen Anne home Caerleon was sold in 2008 for 22 Million Dollars

This was surpassed in 2009 when 23 million dollars was paid for a mansion along Victoria Road, the property had previously been used by the French consulate. Actress Toni Collette sold her Bellevue Hill property for 6.4 million dollars in  2009, a Spanish Mission style home designed in 1928


mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needed help in Setting up the Sonos Wireless Home Sound System


Wireless Sonos speakers were set up and installed in the lounge room and the bedroom. Supplied and installed a Unifi Enterprise long range access point.  Ensured that the speakers were working properly.  Great sound!

Computer erratic, not booting at all


Inspected the misbehaving computer and removed SSD.  Performed complete back up, performed system filecheck. Reinstalled the drive, boot the computer into repair mode, peformed system restore, boot into Windows, performed system file check, tested all and ensure that everything is running and back to normal

Setting up of Internet


Visited office for Telstra fibre internet installation. Meetings with project manager onsite, double checked electrician's work. Ensured that the system functions as expected.

Client suspected that the PC contacted a virus


Removed computer virus at home office -  recovered data from laptop and PC.  Tested both machines to ensure that they run smoothly. Provided a 1 TB external USN 3.0  HDD.

Internet too slow and keeps on dropping off


Diagnosed ADSL connection problems- contacted Telstra. Slowness is due to the data allocation all used us.

Client was presented with new options.  Installed new anti virus and configured the computer. 

Mac problems and general set up



Fix various mac email problems
- cleaned out cupboard and sorted out cables
- fixed time machine backup
- fixed iPhone email sync issues
- fixed fast mail message lab settings
- backup all data from old Dell workstation to USB drive

Fix various mac email problems- cleaned out cupboard and sorted out cables- fixed time machine backup- fixed iPhone email sync issues- fixed fast mail message lab settings- backup all data from old Dell workstation to USB drive


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