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Computer Repairs Burwood

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Computer Repairs Burwood:

In the modern world we are so dependent on hi-tech that whenever your laptop or computer has a glitch you seem to have one too. When your computing device refuses to function to its maximum effectiveness or maybe even worse, completely crashes and you're simply no longer able to dispatch emails, browse the world-wide-web or practice your business, get in touch with computer repair technicians. Mobile Geeks will have the ability help with most of your computer repairs demands professionally, expertly and with excellent attitude. Throughout our business enterprise, the adage, ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ remains to be alive and well. All our computer repair technicians are regularly tested and not simply for their trade proficiency and experience. We also test them on customer service skills.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney enterprise that has been tending to the computer repair needs of this town for some time. We have delivered numerous computer repair services to our Burwood clients starting from pc virus removal, info back-up as well as recovery, application setup and email set up wireless network, VOIP and terminal web server development.

We are focused on delivering the best results for each of our Burwood businesses and customers and look forward to Making IT Easy for you!

Mobile Geeks provide onsite skilled professional, warranted and user friendly computer repairs and maintenance 7 days each week. Telephone 1300 883 021 so that you can speak to our Geeks right now!

Burwood Historical Note:

Burwood is located 12 kilometers west of the Sydney central business district this suburb of the inner west is the administrative center for the local area government of Burwood,

There is a mixture of commercial, light industrial and residential developments within this suburb. The main shopping center runs beside Burwood station along Burwood road. Opposite Burwood park is a large Westfields shopping complex.

Established in 1882 by the local council Burwood Park stands on what was once known as Edrop’s Paddock, with the original design of the park based on the Union Jack flag. The park also features memorials to soldiers who died in World War one and Sandakan along with a rotunda, lake, playground and an obelisk commemorating the site of the area’s first house – Burwood Villa

Trams once travelled along Burwood road to Mortlake and Cabarita but they ceased operation in 1948

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Additional computers required for new staff.


Client discussed their requirement, i.e. computers for three new employees commencing next week.  It was recommendded and agreed that Lenovo laptops be supplied and installed.  Orders placed and job scheduled for Friday, May 4.

computer repairs task access point installation



 Unifi Enterprise long range access point 4 $200.00 $800.00
 5.5 hours Labour - Installation of wireless access points, diagnose network problems and

 Unifi Enterprise long range access point supplied. Installation of wireless access points, diagnose network problems and reconfiguration. Computer repairs completed successfully. 


Data extraction from laptop


1. Arrived onsite to disassemble laptop to get to hard drive

2. Client had previous person remove hard drive and hard drive was found in laptop bag

3. Used special software removal tool to physically address drive to remove data

4. Sift through data on drive and extracted required data for client

5. Back up extracted data onto two dvd's

6. Dropped off dvd's and drive at client's house

7. Started copying over data onto client's laptop

8. Showed client the data on the dvd's

Setup new IBM Thinkcenter

  •  Installed new IBM Thinkcenter
  • Uninstalled unwanted applications and pre installed trial software
  • Installed Office 2003 and configured
  • Installed AVG Antivirus
  • Customised desktop and power settings
  • Uninstalled blackberry software for Mark and reinstalled
  • Configured blackberry software and setup calander/contact sync
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