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Computer Repairs Cabramatta

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Computer Repairs Cabramatta:

In the modern world we are so very reliant upon modern technology that anytime your computer or laptop is sufffering from a glitch, all of your everyday existence will be afflicted with 1 as well. If a laptop or a desktop computer refuses to perform the job to its maximum effectiveness or maybe worse, thoroughly crashes and you are therefore no longer able to dispatch emails, browse the web or practice your business or work, it is really the time get in touch with computer repair industry experts. Mobile Geeks can care for each of your computer repairs needs professionally, efficiently and with great attitude. Inside our commercial enterprise, that proverb of ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ still is alive and well. All of our computer repair specialists are systematically tested not only in their industry expertise and experience but also in their customer satisfaction experience.

Mobile Geeks truly are a proud Sydney business that's been responding to computer repair needs of your community for some time. Along the way we have also delivered an array of computer repairs and services in Cabramatta.  Our company is dedicated all of our Cabramatta businesses as well as individual customers and we look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks deliver onsite skilled, guaranteed and cheerful computer repairs and servicing seven days each week. Contact us by calling 1300 883 021 to be able to speak to our Geeks now.

Cabramatta Historical Note:

Cabramatta is a south-western Sydney suburb located approximately 30 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the City of Fairfield. Cabramatta is also known as 'Cabra'.

The suburb was not always known as Cabramatta, in 1795, an early settler by the name of Hatfield gave the area a rather more romatic title - ‘Moonshine Run’. This was an a bit of a tounge in cheek name because as the reality was that the area was so heavy with treas that moonshine could not penetrate. The currnet name Cabramatta first came into use in 19th Century when the Bull family called their newly purchased property  Cabramatta Park. When a small township community formed nearby the property in 1814 it took the name from the Park. The township eventually grew large enough to warrant a railway to be built through Cabramatta in the 1850s. It was primarily used for loading and unloading freight and livestock and was always busy with activity.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer repairs task Cabramatta: printer supply and installed


Computer repairs task: new printer supplied and installed

Reload windows on problematic XP machine


1. Went onsite to fix a slow PC with norton problems but found error to be within windows

2. Picked up PC

3. Performed back up of all essential data from 4 user accounts

4. Format pc and reinstall Windows XP

5. Performed all windows updates and installed common programs

6. nstalled Office 2003

7. Set up 4 identical user accounts and port data to relevant user account

8. Deliver desktop to client's house and install

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