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Computer Repairs Cambridge Park

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Cambridge Park

Computer Repairs Cambridge Park:

All Mobile Geeks IT consultants come along with a great deal of industry experience as well as training and their credentials are cross examined with regards to their previous bosses within this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and all of the Hq staff that plan day-to-day jobs are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This implies that each time you order our computer repair services you won't have to be undergo needless waiting times mainly because a person didn't know the exact positioning of your suburb as well as its nearness to other areas and will not require to waste time on the business phone clarifying your details. What is more, you shall not need to waste your your time waiting for your Geeks to determine how to find your office or house and where they can park the Geek mobile. Our lads fully understand their assignments and they realize how to get to you in a very most effective manner. We can provide you any Computer Repairs needs. Whether it's a wireless network setup, e mail Web server set up , Pc virus Removing, Firewall software system, Internet Security and safety or back-up and recovery help, Mobile Geeks make IT easy. Our knowledgeable computer repair technicians have tackled nearly all IT challenges before and definately will fix your internet connection, organize your home office, eliminate the virus and get your vanished records promptly, professionally and, in most situations, with no need of separating you and your computer.

Cambridge Gardens Historical Note:

Cambridge Gardens is a Sydney suburb located 54 kilometres west of the CBD.

Cambridge Gardens is a fairly recent suburb. It was having only officially open in 1981was and was formerly part of the suburb of Cambridge Park.

Prior to white settlement, what is now known as Cambridge Gardens was historical home to the Mulgoa people.. The first land given in this locale was in 1831. The lucky recipient was Phillip Parker King, son of the Governor Phillip Gidley King. The land was adjoined to the Werrington estate that belonged to his sister Mary Lethbridge. The estate was run as a large farm until the 1880s, at that time it was subdivided into smaller farms. This area was ten renamed Cambridge Park. Cambridge park

Cambridge Park is a Sydney suburb located 53 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the City of Penrith and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

Prior to European settlement here, the area that is now called  Cambridge Park was home to the Mulgoa people. They lived a nomadic lifestyle according to traditional lawsstemming from the time they called - Dreamtime. Their homes were bark huts that were called 'gunyahs'. The Mulgoa people hunted kangaroos and emus for meat, and gathered yams, berries and other edible plants to supplement their diet. After the arrival of the First Fleet in Australia in a major outbreak of smallpox decimated the local indigenous community.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Configure wireless netowrk and other misc isues/setup


1. Configure new wireless router and check all cables were plugged in correctly

2. Added security to wireless network

3. Tested wireless network range around home and outside (backyard)

4. Installed and activated Bigpond wireless USB prepaid internet modem

5. Removal of MS outlook connector from laptop

6. Cleanup of installed programs on computer

7. Tune up on laptop to improve system performance

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