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Computer Repairs Camden

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Computer Repairs Camden:

In our 21st century, we have grown to be so dependent on computers that once your computer or laptop develops a glitch, you feel in your whole life experience too. As soon as your computer system won't perform the job or fully fails and you are also no longer able to post messages, see the web or perhaps, deliver on your business or job commitments - it is time to call up computer repair experts. Mobile Geeks will be able to assist with each of your computer repairs requests skillfully, effectively and with a smile. In this business, the maxim, ‘The Client is Always Right’ is alive and well. Each and every one of our computer repair employees is routinely tested but not only in their field specialisation and qualifications but also on their customer care capabilities.

Mobile Geeks certainly are a proud Sydney organisation that has been responding to computer repair needs of this community for lots of years. Over the years, we've also provided a large selection of computer repairs and maintenance services in Camden ranging from virus removal, information back-up as well as retrieval, software application installment and email set up wireless network, Voice over ip and terminal hosting server programming.

We are committed to all of our Camden business and personal clients and look forward to Making IT Easy for you!

Mobile Geeks offer onsite experienced, secured and genial computer repairs and servicing seven days a week. Simply call 1300 883 021 to talk to our Geeks right away!

Camden Historical Note:

Camden is located 65 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD and is the administrative centre for the local government area of Camden Council.

The area now known called Camden was historically at the northern edge of land belonging to the Gandangara people of the Southern Highlands. The historical owners of the land called it Benkennie meaning 'dry land'. European explorers first discovered the area in 1795 and named it 'Cowpastures' after a herd of cattle that had gone mission was was eventually found there. In  1805, As Macarthur's wool industry grew, local residents lobbied for the establishment of a town in the area to enable easy access to support the industry.  In 1834, it was finally decideded for the land to be  subdivided and the first lots in the new town of Camden went on sale.. By 1883, the population of Camden had grown to over 300.Camden south. Camden South is a Sydney suburb of the Macarthur Region of Sydney.

The area is the historical home of  Muringong, southernmost of the Darug people and the Gandangara people of the Southern Highlands. In 1805, wool pioneer John Macarthur was given 5,000 acres at what was then known as Cowpastures (now Camden). After he had had the land cleared, he  used it for farming. It remained an agricultural area for most of the next 200 years until Sydney's suburban sprawl finally reached the town of Camden.



mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Data backup for personal laptop


Client had required a backup of data from harddrive for their personal windows based laptop. 

Computer repairs task Camden: IT systems audit for a small business


Computer repairs task: IT systems audit required for a quote

Correct non genuine software issue


1. Diagnose MS office non genuine and research options available to customer e.g. Price of buying through non genuine program or direct from online MS website or buying from retailer

2. Backed up all MS outlook data and account settings

3. Installed genuine office 2007 onto computer

4. Removed leftover programs from office 2003 to remove non genuine message

5. Validated office 2007 install

6. Trained client in usage of new programs

7. Checked outlook 2007 was operating correctly

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