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Computer Repairs Camden Park

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Camden Park

Computer Repairs Camden Park:

Every one of Mobile Geeks IT consultants come with a great deal of industry expertise and proper training and their qualifications are usually cross checked on their ex - recruiters from this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with pretty much all Head Office team that organize regular call outs are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This ensures that when you order our computer repair services you shall not end up being undergo avoidable waiting around times merely because somebody else did not know the exact neighborhood of your suburb and its proximity to other areas and won't be obliged to waste time on the business phone clarifying your business address. Besides, you wonrrrt need to waste your valuable time expecting the Geeks to see how to find your workplace or home and best places to park their Geek mobile. The people fully understand their jobs and they can travel to you with the best manner. We'll provide you any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it's cordless network install, e mail Hosting server setup , Malware Removals, Firewall program installation, Internet Computer security or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks really make IT easy. All of our pro computer repair technicians have taken care of all IT challenges before and will also repair your internet link, setup your home office, remove the virus and get your vanished info very quickly, professionally and, in many cases, without separating you and your personal computer.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs Camden Park: office IT maintenance


Computer Repairs Camden Park: office IT maintenance

computer repairs task: setup new PC


Set up new PC for client with a small business. Installed and configured relevant software, connected computer to internal and external networks. Initiated backup.

Computer format and reinstall of OS


Format computer and windows reinstall due to virus.

Repair Corruption, extract data and reload windows


1. Went onsite to pickup laptop

2. Removed hdd from laptop and attached to service machine

3. Performed backup, sifting through corrupted files

4. Reinstall hdd

5. Format laptop

6. Install Windows XP pro

7. Install drivers for all hardware

8. Install AVG8, adobe reader 9, java, flash

9. Test laptop for all functions

10. Deliver laptop to client

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