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Computer Repairs Camden South

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Camden South

Computer Repairs Camden South:

Nowadays, we are very so dependent on modern technology if your computer is sufffering from a glitch your entire way can also be affected. If technology will not work to its top efficiency, get in touch with computer repair industry experts. Mobile Geeks are designed to service all your computer repairs preferences expertly, competently together with excellent attitude. Within our firm, that old proverb, ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ is still alive and well. Every one of our computer repair experts are continually tested not only for their profession competency and credentials but additionally on their customer service achievements.

Mobile Geeks are really a proud Sydney company that has been attending to the computer repair needs of this city for some time. We have also looked after numerous computer repair issues in the Camden South area ranging from computer virus removals, computer data back-up along with restoration, application installment and email set up to wireless network, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal hosting server programming.

We are devoted to our Camden South business as well as individual customers and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks are able to provide on location qualified, secured and genial computer repairs and maintenance seven days a week. Telephone 1300 883 021 in order to chat to our Geeks right away.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Unable to open "Internet options" in the control panel


Client had an issue with trying to open internet options in the control panel. 

CD ROM drive will not recognise any disks


Client having issues with CD ROM not recognising any disk. 

Computer repairs Camden South: virus removal


Computer repairs Camden South: virus diagnostics and removal. The machine required a complete reformat.

Inspect computer crashing


1. Went onsite

2. Diagnose computer crashing randomly

3. Diagnosed as hardware issue

4. Contacted lenovo and organised for warranty technician to come and fix machine

5. Backed up all essential data in case of technician formatting machine

6. Placed data onto spare machine

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