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Computer Repairs Camellia

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Computer Repairs Camellia:

In our 21st century we are getting so dependent on technological innovation that whenever your laptop or computer refuses to cooperate and work properly, you may feel it in almost every aspect of your life. As soon as your computing device refuses to operate to its top efficiency and maybe even worse, altogether crashes, the best thing to do is ring computer repair pros. Mobile Geeks are able to assist each of your computer repairs requirements professionally, expertly and with very good attitude. In this commercial enterprise, the tried and true maxim, ‘The Client is Always Right’ is still alive and well. Each and every one our computer repair employees are systematically evaluated but not just on their business competencies and credentials but in addition in their consumer support competencies.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney company that has been taking good care of computer repair needs of this town for many years. As time passed we have also delivered a wide selection of computer repairs services in the suburb of Camellia ranging from infection removal, records data back-up and retrieval, software system install and electronic mail set up to wireless system, Voice over internet protocol and terminal server programming.

Our company is dedicated to all Camellia business as well as individual clientele and look forward to Making IT Easy for you!

Mobile Geeks supply onsite specialized, warranted and user friendly computer repairs and maintenance 7 days each week. Phone 1300 883 021 to speak to our Geeks right now!

Camellia Historical Note:

Camellia is a suburb of Sydney, located 23 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD.

The railway station that opened here in 1885 was originally called Subiaco which cause a lot of  confusion because it was also the name of an estate on the opposite side of Parramatta River. In 1901, the station was renamed to clear things up and was given the pretty name Camellia. The name was derived from the Camellia Grove Nursery that was located nearby specialised in growing  camellias. Camellia is predominantly an industrial and commercial area. Although it is now slowly turning away from its industrial orgins it will take a very long time to reclaim and rehabilitate the land after , for example, the Shell refinery closes down.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Inspiron 15R showing error 2000-0146 requires hard drive replacement


Client is having an issue with Inspiron 15R and is showing error 2000-0146, client requires a hard drive replacement.

computer repairs task: configure DNS on modem and server


1. Went onsite

2. Set up ADSL router to direct DNS to server

3. Tested login speed on Windows desktop

4. Fixed other misc problems on server

Create new user acount on domain/server connected laptop


1. Went onsite

2. Created new user account on user's laptop

3. Joined new account to network and to server

4. Set up outlook and home email access

5. Connected printers to account

6. Give login instructions to user as laptop now has two different accounts with different passwords and logon domain/workgroup

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