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Computer Repairs Canada Bay

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Canada Bay

Computer Repairs Canada Bay:

Well, you have attempted anything and everything, studied each of the sites on the web and have tried the DIY means of computer repairs? Nothing’s has worked? You might be suspecting that maybe, you have made the matter even more difficult? You feel you are ready to call for specialist help? Then, you've reached the right place!

Mobile Geeks have been saving people in your state of affairs for years plus, there is not a computer repair concern we cannot resolve! Connect with Mobile Geeks right away and have faith if theres a way to fix your computer or laptop issue and deliver the machine back to health, we shall find it!

Mobile Geeks certainly are a proud Sydney organisation that's fully committed to making your computer repair problems disappear. We have repaired computers in Canada Bay for numerous years and are committed to all our Canada Bay computer repairs clients. Ring Mobile Geeks on 1300 883 021 and we will make your troubles go away!

Canada Bay Historical Note:

Canada Bay is am inner western suburb of Sydney located about 11 kilometres west of the CBD.

The suburb of Canada Bay sits on the borderes  Burwood and Croydon. The curious name of City of Canada Bay is deried from the link between Australia and Canada.  name from the bay but its administrative centre is located in the suburb of Drummoyne.

After  the Lower Canada Rebellion, two Irish and 58 French Canadian rebels were sent to Australia and brough to Sydney at the request of the local Catholic bishopThe prisoners  were made to brake stone for the construction of Parramatta Road and collect oyster shells for making lime. By 1844, all prisoners received pardons and, except for two that died and one that chose to settle down in Australia,all returned to Canada.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

iMac problems and general set up


Mac problems and general set up

Connect new laptop to business server/network


1. Went onsite

2. Join user's new laptop to network

3. Setup local admin rights

4. Install printers

5. Set network drives

6. Test printers working (working)

7. Setup email through MS outlook

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