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Computer Repairs Canley Vale

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Canley Vale

Computer Repairs Canley Vale:

Well, you've attempted just about everything, checked out each of the discussion boards on the internet and have tried the Do-it-yourself path to computer repairs? Nothing’s been successful? You might be suspecting that you have possibly made the actual issue more severe? You think you are prepared to call for specialist help? You've come to the best place!

Mobile Geeks are saving people within your position every day plus, there is not a computer repair or maintenance complication we cannot solve. Telephone Mobile Geeks immediately and just trust when there's a way to fix your laptop or computer problem and take the equipment back to good health, we're going to find it!

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney firm that is certainly dedicated to making your computer repair stress disappear. We've serviced Canley Vale for many years and are fully commited to all of our Canley Vale computer repairs clients. Telephone call Mobile Geeks right away on 1300 883 021 organise for us to help make your trouble fade away!

Canley Vale Historical Note:

Canley Vale is a Sydney suburb located about 30 kilometres south-west of the CBD, in the local government area of the City of Fairfield and is part of the South-western Sydney region.

Canley Vale was once a woodland area and was historically part of the Male Orphan School Estate. When in the 1800s, Sir Henry Parkes settled down in the area in a mansion he  named it Canley Grange, this is where the name of the suburb is derived from..It is interesting to note that at that time,Cabramatta and Canley Vale were  one community which was known Cabravale. The two separate wards were gazetted only on 8 January 1900.The suburb’s Leisure Centre is located close to the train station, but due to council borders and subdivisions it is technically in the adjacent suburb of Cabramatta. Th eLeasure Centre features a fitness centre , a gym, and meeting rooms for different clubs and community groups.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Format Windows XP HP computer


Format Windows XP HP computer

Configure and install new router


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect internet not working

3. tested router, failed internet connection

4. Copied router settings, removed router and installed new router

5. applied internet account settings

6. test and pass

Printer not printing documents


Client reporting printer not working for laptop but works on all other desktops. 

Install DVD burner and software


1. installed new DVD burner

2. installed Nero burn and configured

3. swapped computers and created new profile accounts

4. installed office 2007 on one computer

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