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Computer Repairs Canoelands

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Computer Repairs Canoelands:

So ,, perhaps you have tried all things, checked out every single one of the running forums on the web and have tested the Do it yourself technique of computer repairs? Nothing’s been effective? You are suspecting that its just possible, you could have made the situation more serious? You believe you are ready to ask for specialist help? You've got to the right place!

Mobile Geeks have been saving people in your scenario for quite some time and there is not a computer repair or maintenance matter we can't mend. Call up Mobile Geeks right away and trust that if there's a way to fix your computer or laptop problem and take the device back into good health, we will find it!

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney company that is fully commited to making your computer repair stress disappear. We've served Canoelands for many years and are committed to all our Canoelands users. Contact Mobile Geeks on 1300 883 021 and watch us make your problems go away!

Canoelands Historical Note:

This is a suburb of northern Sydney located 60 kilometres north of the Sydney CBDt, in Hornsby Shire and Baulkham Hills Shire. CanoeLands is part of the North Shore region.

Canoelands is not really a suburb but a  small settelement consisting of some about 65 houses and extending towards the east from Old Northern Road. The the area forms part ofCanoelands Ridge. This is high and undulating terraine with many gullies and covered with dry sclerophyll forest..

In the olden days the place was a timber-getting area for Sydney. The treefellers often found tall stringybark gumtrees with large patches of missing bark. The traditional owners of the land used these peices of bark to make canoes to sail on the Hawkesbury River. Such trees were aptly named canoe trees. This is most probably the origin of the name - Canoelands

The former is bituminised for most of its length and the latter has a wholly bituminised

The first and still the only street light in the suburb was put in place on the corner of Old Northern and Canoelands Roads on June 6, 1994. At first, it was only programmed to be activated by the approaching car however, after some time this idea was abandoned and it now remains lit from sunset to sunrise.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Install and test ram, perform system cleanup and maintenance


1. Removed 1 piece of 512mb ddr2 ram to free up memory slot

2. Installed 1 piece of 2gb ddr2 Kingston ram

3. Confirmed installed ram is registered in Windows and working

4. Performed full cleanup of windows (all temp files, cache's, cookies, program memory dumps etc)

5. Defragmented C drive and D drive

6. Slightly tweaked startup services to increase speed and efficiency

7. Ensure Antivirus is up to date and operational

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