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Computer Repairs Canterbury

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Computer Repairs Canterbury:

Thus ,, you have taken a crack at all things, gone through a lot of the sites on the web and have tested out the Do it yourself method of computer repairs? Nothing’s helped? You happen to be suspecting that you may have possibly made the situation worse? You think you are prepared to call for specialist help? You've reached the right spot!

Mobile Geeks have actually been saving people from your predicament for quite a while and there's not a computer repair or routine maintenance concern we can't deal with! Call Mobile Geeks now and have faith that if theres a way to fix your computer problem, we'll find it!

Mobile Geeks absolutely are a proud Sydney firm that's fully commited to making your computer repair problems vanish. We have now serviced Canterbury for several years and are loyal to every single one of our Cantebury computer repairs clients. Telephone Mobile Geeks on 1300 883 021 for us to make your problems vanish!

Canterbury Historical Note:

Canterbury is a south-western Sydney suburb situated 11 kilometres south-west of the CBD in the City of Canterbury.

Although the City of Canterbury connects its name to the suburb, its administrative centre is situated in the neibouring Campsie.

Aboriginal people lived in this area undistrurbed for thousands of years untilin 1770, the land along the Cooks River was explored by officers from the HMS Bark Endeavour.

The first Europen settelemt here appeared in1793 with the  first major industry incoming in 1841. The industry was represented by  thebuilding of the Australian Sugar Company's sugar mill by the Cooks River to produce molasses and spirits. Other industries and trades for example,  boiling works and tanneries later also grew along the river.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Clients external hard drive has brocken


The client's external hard drive has brocken where the cable connects. It was important to them to get the data off of it. Was able to remove the hard drive from the casing and read it using an external sata reader. Backed up the data, transferred to a new hard drive for them.

computer repairs task: virus removal


1. Diagnose virus problem onsite

2. reformatted computer

3. installed anti-virus software

4. test and pass

Medium office new users, printer setups and network shares of files


1. Downloaded latest drivers for company printers (Fuji Xerox 3005 and C3210)

2. Connected all machines on company network to two networked printers (inspect individual machines, install drivers and connect to printers as necessary)

3. Set default printer for all machines to Fuji Xerox C3005 (large printer)

4. Inspected printer downstairs for networking

5. Create new user account for user on server

6. Setup user's account on machine

7. Setup email for user on machine

8. Fixed email reply issue where everyone had to type admin2 (now admin)

9. Setup new network drive for the MYOB accounts folder

10. Map new network drive (accounts) as X on three machines

11. Set security on network drive X (accounts folder) for 3 users

12. Change email name display settings to display everyone's full name in everyone's outlook inbox

13. Downloaded and installed all relevant updates for server and restarts

14. Inspected large printer in estimator's room and organised for printer technician to come repair and perform basic setup

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