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Computer Repairs Carramar

Refine Computer Repairs


And thus, you may well have tried to do pretty much everything, read in detail the user discussion forums on the internet and have sampled the DIY path to computer repairs? Nothing’s been successful? You may be suspecting that perhaps, you could have made your situation more serious? You sense you are prepared to call for specialist help? Well…you have found yourself in the best place!

Mobile Geeks have for a long time been saving people in your position and there is not a computer repair concern we can't address. Contact Mobile Geeks right away and have confidence that if there is a way to fix your pc setback and take the appliance back to good health, we'll find it!

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney firm that's fully commited to making your computer repair problems go away. We've served Carramar for a lot of years and are fully committed to all of our Carramar valued clients. Phone call Mobile Geeks now on 1300 883 021 to prioritise for us to make your computer concerns vanish!

Mobile Geeks are the leading computer repairs company in Sydney.

Carramar Historical Note:

Carramar is a suburb of Sydney located 30 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the City of Fairfield .

The name ‘Carramar’ comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "shade of trees". The first land was granted in this area by Governor King in 1803. When the railway station eventually opened in Carramar in 1924, it was called South Fairfield. However, the historical records state that the area has been known as Carramar since at least the 1850s and the name of the station was changed to Carramar in 1926.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client's computer is "unstable"


Diagnose and repaired an ustable PC. Fault was within windows corruption, was able to backup clients files and reinstall a fresh copy of windows.

Reinstallation of windows 10


Client required a reinstallation of windows 10 as the old installation had corrupted.

computer repairs Carramar: computer reformat


Computer repairs Carramar: HD failure. Device reformatted. Data reimported. 

Setup new computer and rollback to Windows XP


1. Went onsite

2. Power up new HP workstation

3. Convert machine to Windows XP pro (format + install)

4. Install Service Pack 3

5. Install Explorer 7

6. Install misc programs (java, flash etc)

7. Install required programs (Nero, Adobe CS3)

8. Download and install latest video graphics driver

9. Port data over

10. Copy Internet favourites to new machine

11. Plug in new machine

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