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Computer Repairs Cartwright

Refine Computer Repairs


So ,, you've tried each and every step, seen just about every one discussion forums on the internet have tested out the DIY means of computer repairs? Nothing’s done the trick? You are suspecting that perhaps, you have made the matter worse yet? You feel you are ready to ask for professional help? You've arrived at the right spot!

Mobile Geeks have been rescuing people in your own circumstances for several years and there is not computer repair or maintenance problem we cannot fix! Ring Mobile Geeks straight away and have confidence in that if there's a way to fix your computer’s condition and get the machine back into good health, we'll find it!

Mobile Geeks absolutely are a proud Sydney firm that is committed to making your computer repair headaches go away. We have repaired Cartwright computers for a lot of years and are fully committed to every single one of our valued Cartwright clients. Phone Mobile Geeks on 1300 883 021 and arrange for us to make your computing difficulties vanish!

Mobile Geeks are the leading computer repairs company in Sydney.

Cartwright Historical Note:

Cartwright is a suburb in south-western Sydney which  is located 38 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district.

Cartwright was only formally declared a suburb in 1972 and was finally developed as part of the Green Valley Housing Estate in the 1960s. the area is named after Robert Cartwright - the reverend of St Luke's church in Liverpool who received a land grant in the local area.[1]

Cartwright Public school was officially opened in 1967.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer repairs task HDD install, backup and set up


Supply and install of Seagate 2TB internal HDD 7200 RPM 3 Hours Labour - back and data recovery of Acer desktop. Installed new hard drive and configured with windows home 64 bit. Installed all applications and printer.

Microsoft Office latest version upgrade


Client requested for the latest version of microsoft office to be installed on their PC's. 

Setup refurbished printer in small office


-Setup refurbised printer for estimators

-Printer would not accept new settings

-Installed printer onto estimator's laptops with current printer settings

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