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If you are experiencing the next few or related symptoms:

You'll want to let go of your computer mouse, turn your personal computer off and phone Mobile Geeks. Mobile Geeks have been fixing computer systems around Sydney for quite some time and there's no computer repair bug we cannot manage! Dial 1300 883 021 and enjoy our unsurpassed customer support, expert skills, fast turnaround and affordable prices for yourself! Mobile Geeks is a Sydney owned and based firm dedicated to our city customers and loyal to its Castlecrag business and individual clientele. To find out more about what we can do for you see Computer Repairs and if you need your computer fixed quick smart, just book us online now or call 1300 883 021!

Mobile Geeks are the leading computer repairs company in Sydney.

Castlecrag Historical Note:

Castlecrag is a suburb on the lower North Shore of Sydney located 8 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD.

Castlecrag, like Canberra, was originally planned by Walter Burley Griffin, who named the suburb after a towering crag of rock overlooking Middle Harbour. This crag was known as Edinburgh Castle. Griffin accepted the Castlecrag project in 1925 after feeling he had had enough of Canberra politics.

Early homes in Castlecrag were built using natural stone. The reason for this was ‘defence’ It was thought that if Castlecrag was ever under attack, the natural stone buildings would remain invisible.  They gave up on this idea eventually, because you can see a lot of homes that do stand out in that beautiful suburb. The suburb was named after a towering crag of rock overlooking Middle Harbour, originally known locally as Edinburgh Castle. This led to naming the streets in the southern older, portion of the suburb after parts of that castle: The barbette, The barbican, The barricade, The bartizan, The bastion, The battlement, The bulwark, The citadel, The high tor, The outpost, The palisade, The parapet, The postern, The rampart, The redoubt, The scarp, The tor walk and Sortie Port. There are also Tower, Casement, and Turrett Reserves, and the main street through the centre is Edinburgh Rd.

In recent times, the residents of the suburb have been noted for taking arms against the Warringah Freeway which was planned to link the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Northern Beaches. The residents won as today the expressway terminates just south of Castlecrag in Naremburn.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client need major assistance with the computers


The HP desktop was checked for viruses, the two ASUS laptops were run and also checked.  Extracted old data from the old Toshiba laptop and set up ASUS, took away the old laptop to be repaired offsite.  Installed Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business on the three computers, also installed MobileGeeks Cloudcare AntiVirus on the three computers.  

Tutor client on using emails and photos


1. Went onsite

2. Checked emails

3. Tutor client on emails and AOL email program

4. Setup new email address at hotmail

5. Tutor client on using hotmail

6. Tutored client on transferring photos from their digital camera memory card to their pictures folder

7. Tutored client on creating new folders and renaming folders in their pictures folder to organise photos

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