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If you are experiencing the the following or matching complaints:

It is important to let go of your computer mouse button, switch your computer off and call up Mobile Geeks. Mobile Geeks have been fixing laptops or computers around Sydney for quite some time and there's no computer repair bug we can't take care of! Dial 1300 883 021 and receive our superior customer support, professional skills, prompt turnaround not to mention affordable prices for yourself! Mobile Geeks is a Sydney owned and based business focused upon our city customers and loyal to its Clovelly business and individual clientele. To find out more about what we can do for you see Computer Repairs and if you need your computer fixed quick smart, just book us online now or call 1300 883 021!

Clovelly Historical Note:

Clovelly is a beachside suburb in south-eastern Sydney.Clovelly is mainly residential and has a small beach that sits on the end of the narrow bay. The bay is home to one of the first surf lifesaving clubs in the world, Clovelly Surf Life Saving Club founded in 1906. Originally called Little Coogee the suburb adopted the name Clovelly in 1913.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needed assistance setting up new laptop


Client wanted assistance setting up new windows 10 laptop. Ran through setup with client, recommend avast cloud, assisted with office install, client very happy

Spilled tea on the keyboard, must ensure it does not destroy computer


Dismantled and cleaned up the keyboard - took it away to give to supplier for either repair or replacement.  Will need to return to 

install it.  Will also check that the computer is functioning well.

Installed and configured a new printer


Computer repairs task: the client was provided with a new printer. The printer was installed and configured successfully.

Set signatures on server for phone emails, activate and configure phones and format desktop


1. Went onsite

2. Downloaded and installed latest itunes to activate iphones

3. Backed up calendar and contacts on first email account

4. Install sim and activate new iphone

5. Set MS exchange email settings/signature for phone

6. Install sim into new iphone for user

7. Activate phone

8. Setup email and signature

9. Activate phone and setup email and signature

10. Back up all data on old laptop

11. Format C drive

12. Install and setup windows, install common programs

13. Download and install latest drivers for hardware and printers

14. Map network drives

15. Setup new laptop and place data in original directory, join to network, setup emails

16. Setup antivirus and common programs,

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