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Computer Repairs Allambie Heights

Computer Repairs Allambie Heights:

Have you ever considered how reliant we have all become on technology? Your computer starts throwing tantrums or has any other computer repairs issues and lo and behold, you life is in a bit of a mess as well. You do not know when and where your next appointment is, your boss is not happy with the missed deadline, your netball team buddies are not impressed with the missed training session, etc. Computers may rule the world (well, almost) but, do not let one of those bad tempered artificial intelligence drama queens stuff up your life.

If computer repairs is your issue, then call Mobile Geeks Computer repairs Allambie Heights and we will sort you out. We are a Sydney based and owned business and have been operating a computer repairs business for 14 years. There is nothing we cannot fix..and if there is, bring it on! We like a challenge. We have the ability to deal with all manner of computer repairs from home to the office, with skills and excellent attitude. We come to you and get all your computer repairs (Allambie Heights) issues looked after. All our staff is constantly evaluated on their technical and customer skills, so, if you’re not happy, neither are we, customer satisfaction is important to us. If there is any issue, please do not hesitate to call 1300 883 021 or drop us a line on Rate a Geek and we will address your concerns promptly and professionally. We are devoted to all our wonderful computer repairs Allambie Heights customers both business and individuals and will do everything we can to make IT Easy for you!

Computer repairs Allambie Heights Historical Note:

Allambie is an Aboriginal word meaning *Peaceful place*. In 1918 an estate by that name was subdivided and auctioned off. The suburb itself was developed in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. A *goat track* that roughly follows the existing Allambie Road of today was most probably used by the Aboriginal people to access the beaches at nearby Manly. Many of the streets have been named after battles – mostly ones where Australian troops served, and also after prominent political leaders of WW2. These include Roosevelt Avenue and Churchill Crescent. Owen Stanley Avenue, Libya Crescent, Kirra Road, Tobruk Avenue and Anzio Avenue Allambie Heights is bordered by Allenby Park in the north, Manly Dam Reserve in the South and to the West by the Garigal National Park. Small areas of rainforest, creeks and waterfalls can be found in Allenby Park, whilst Manly Dam reserve is known for a number of different animal and plant species and Aboriginal Rock Carvings. Call Mobile Geeks for all your computer repairs, Allambie Heights requests :)

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Inspect internet and correct outlook settings


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect internet issues on laptop

3. Determined running two wireless internets, one wireless usb modem and one wireless adsl router in home

4. Show client how to use each internet connection seperately to avoid laptop network confusion

5. Test adsl internet speed and test wireless usb modem speed. ADSL had faster response time however couldn't check download speed due to speed throttling from using all available monthly download

6. Inspect MS office/Outlook, provided advice

7. Add second email account to outlook (already added)

8. Create new pst file and make second email account deliver emails to inbox in second file

Inspect PC not powering up


1. Opened user's PC and found powersupply was faulty and under warranty from CX computers

2. Fixed Antivirus popups on all workstations

3. Fixed other Misc problems onsite

4. Dropped off PC at CX computers for warranty

UPS making noises

- Opened Johns PC and found powersupply was faulty and under warranty from CX computers
- Fixed Antivirus popups on all workstations
- Fixed other Misc problems onsite
- Dropped off PC at CX computers for warranty

  1. Inspected why UPS was making deeping sound
  2. Found the battery needed to be replaced for maintenance
  3. Fixed email problems
  4. Fixed other misc problems

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