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Computer Repairs Concord West

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Concord West

All the Mobile Geeks IT techs have got several years of industry working experience and training courses and their recommendations are usually cross verified in relation to their former recruiters from this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and all Hq team that plan weekly activities are actually Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This makes certain that each time you get our computer repair services you shall not need to be come across needless waiting around times due to the fact a company did not know the precise position of your suburb as well as closeness to other neighborhoods and won't need to spend some time on the business phone clarifying your location. What's more, you shall not have to use your spare time expecting the Geeks to clear up where to find your workplace or family home and where to park their Geek mobile. All the guys fully grasp their work and they realize how to travel to you in a very most efficient manner. We are able to assist you with all of the Computer Repairs needs. Whether wifi network setup, e mail Server setup , Computer virus Removal, Firewall fitting, Internet Security and safety or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks will help IT easy. Our professional computer repair technicians have handled pretty much all IT challenges before and will take care of your online connection, arrange your home office, get rid of the virus and find your erased info very quickly, expertly and, normally ,, without requiring separating you and your computer.

Concord West Historical Note:

Concord West is a suburb located 16 km west of the Sydney central business district.

Concord name comes  from Concord, Massachusetts, in the USA. Concord West was under the jurisdiction of Concord Council until it was taken up by the Drummoyne Council in 2000.

A major historical personality in the area was Thomas Walker .Walker was a philanthropist who lived in the Victorian Italianate mansion, Yaralla. When he passed away, Walker left funds for the establishment of a convalescent hospital in the area. This hospital is known as the Thomas Walker Hospital.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Fix client's PC slow


Client called and explained their new PC is slow, it is only a couple of days old, after looking at their specs, we noticied the RAM was at the bare minimum requirements for their kind of work. Upgraded RAM which fixed the issue.

Format Sony Vaio laptop


1. Backup all data on Sony Vaio

2. Formatted and reinstalled Windows Vista

3. Installed all latest updates and software drivers

4. Installed Flash + Java

5. Installed and configured Office 2007

6. Installed Trend Micro AntiVirus + Anti Spyware and configured

7. Installed Firefox as requested

8. Installed Printer/multifunction software and configured

9. Installation of 1GIG Ram module

10. Delivered and setup onsite

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