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Crows Nest

In case you're experiencing the following or perhaps matching complaints:

It is important to let go of your computer mouse, switch your computer or laptop off and call Mobile Geeks. Mobile Geeks have been repairing computers around Sydney for a long time and there is no computer repair bug we can't deal with! Call 1300 883 021 and experience our exceptional customer service, expert expertise, quick turnaround together with affordable prices for yourself! Mobile Geeks is a Sydney owned and based enterprise focused upon our city customers and loyal to its Crows Nest business and individual clientele. To find out more about what we can do for you see Computer Repairs and if you need your computer fixed quick smart, just book us online now or call 1300 883 021!

Crows Nest Historical Note:

Crows Nest is located 5 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district. Crows Nest was once part of a 524-acre land grant given to Edward Wollstonecraft in 1821. Edward Wollstonecraft built a cottage, which he called the 'Crow's Nest' and, according to his business partner Alexander Berry, chose the name "on account of its elevated and commanding position".Crows Nest is a large commercial district and is noted for its variety of shops and restaurants. It is located on the junction of five main roads about 1 kilometre north by northwest of the original site of Crows Nest House.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Relocation of Servers and Setting up of PCs, plus other troubleshooting


Desktop PCs and 3 laptops tested.  Unnecessary folders/files deleted from the PCs to gain more storage and speed up the computers. 

Provided and installed Lenovo Slim Form Factor Desktop PC with intel i5 cpu, 8gb RAM, and Windows 7 Professional.  Also an nVidia Slim formfactor based graphics card with HDMI output.  Set up of scan to email on new MFP via Office 365.  Set up new HP multi function printer on all desktop computers.  Installed an Epson XP720 airprinter and configured computers, laptops and smart devices to print,  All well.

Need help with data migration from old to new computer, set up Cloud


Complete migration and set up of new cloud email system and a total import of historical data.

Provided an external drive as requested by Client

Inspect computer not loading certain websites


1. Went onsite

2. Inspected internet issues (some websites not working)

3. Checked no software was blocking

4. Boot into safe mode, websites still unaccessible

5. Tested internet connection on seperate laptop (fail)

6. Login to router to find firewall on and custom rules set

7. Disable hardware firewall

8. Ensure software firewall was in place

9. Clean up computer

10. Inspect MS outlook

11. Cleaned D drive on laptop

12. Install and setup Telstra wireless broadband

13. Test internet using wireless device

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