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Computer Repairs Darlinghurst

Refine Computer Repairs


All of the Mobile Geeks IT consultants come along with years of industry experience and proper training and their recommendations are generally cross verified in relation to their former business employers within this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians as well as more or less all Home Office working team that structure day-to-day jobs are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This means every time you order our computer repair services you shall not end up being put through unneeded waiting around times merely because a company did not know the actual area of your suburb as well as distance to some other areas and will not be obliged to spend your time on the phone call making clear your street address. Besides, you'll not have to use up your valuable time waiting around for the Geeks to work out how to find your workplace or and where they can park their Geek mobile. Each of our people do understand their work and know how to come to you by the most efficient manner. We will help you with any Computer Repairs needs. Whether it is cordless network set up, email Hosting server set up , Computer virus Removals, Firewall installation, Internet Safety measures or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks will always make IT easy. Our well trained computer repair technicians have managed the majority of IT challenges before and will definitely treat your web connection, build your home office, get rid of the virus and get your lost files without delay, expertly and, in most situations, whilst not separating you and your personal computer.

Darlinghurst Historical Note:

Darlinghurst is located immediately east of the Sydney central business district and Hyde Park, this inner-city eastern suburb falls within the local government area of the City Of Sydney and is known to the locals as plain old *Darlo*

The suburb was originally known as Eastern Hill and then Henrietta Town, After Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife whose second name was Henrietta.  With change of governors came changes of name and the suburb soon became Darlinghurst after Elizabeth Darling the very popular wife of governor Ralph Darling during the early 19th century. The *Hurst* is an old English word for a wooded area.

Now a heavily populated area with most of the residents living in terraced houses or apartments. Once a red-light prostitution and slum area Darlinghurst has gone under a transformation to become a cosmopolitan, upmarket and diverse area

Darlinghurst has 2 Sydney museums – The Australian Museum and the Sydney Jewish Museum

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer repairs Darlinghurst: separated accounts and added security


Computer repairs Darlinghurst: clients separating. Required to have their accounts split and data cleaned up and put on different computers

computer repairs task: virus removal and wirelss security setup


1. Installed scan tool and updated

2. Found rouge spyware program "antivirus 2014")

3. Did auto scan in safe mode to remove virus

4. Performed manual delete of virus after scan was aborted due to taking too long

5. Checked windows was updated

6. Setup a wireless router with security for wireless networking in home

Create new user in small office with server


1. Went onsite

2. Create new user account and email on server

3. Setup laptop to join to domain

4. Create local admin rights

5. Setup MS outlook for emails

6. Map appropriate network drives

7. Install and test network printers on laptop

Fix Wireless Router problems


Went onsite to compelte the following

- Found problems with netgear DG834G router syncing with Telstra. Hardware reset device and updated firmware, all working 100% with a higher ADSL 2+ sync speed!

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