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Computer Repairs Earlwood

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As with vehicles, computers surely are a a part of daily life of course, if they perform like expected to, people take it for granted… At the same time, similar to motor vehicles, computer systems can stop working when you least expect and while you can least afford for that to take place.

 Each of our computer technicians pride themselves upon their special industry expertise, skillset as well as ability to cope with any individual computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to address frequent computer problems or those memorable hairy ones that happen once in five-years and have people scratching their heads. So, if you've a difficulty, it will be most likely we have run into this lots of times in the past, leaving Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance requirements making the issues disappear altogether.

Earlwood Historical Note:

Earlwood is located 12 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, this inner western suburb is in the local government area of the City of Canterbury. Since the 1960’s the area has been strongly associated with Greece and Greek culture

Earlwood began in 1829 as a logging camp called Parkes Camp. It was discovered in the 1800’s by the Puopolo family as the area was cleared. It was suitable for farming and by 1879 it had become known as Parkestown. Around 1905 the name was changed to Forest Hill and then changed again in 1918 to Earlwood.

The *Earl* was said to have commemorated the former mayor of Canterbury and the *wood* from the surname of two brother who owned a poultry and pig farm on Wolli Creek . The *Earlwood* estate was a subdivision in the area of the current Earlwood Primary School. Earlwood is a mostly residential area with some commercial developments around Homer Street.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client cannot open PDF attachments


Client called and exlained that their new PC canno't open PDF's. After remoting in was able to installed adobe reader for them and set that as the default program.

computer repairs task: no internet signal


Installed Netgear powerline adaptors to promote internet signal around the house. Diagnosed firewall issues.

Remove viruses from windows XP machine


1. Went onsite

2. Inspected computer with virus

3. Install scanner/removal tool

4. Updated tool

5. Attempted boot into safe mode (fail)

6. Boot into normal mode

7. Ran tool

8. Removed 63 infected objects

9. Reboot machine

10. Test for functionality (pass)

11. Advised client re: windows safe mode not working (reinstall)

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