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Computer Repairs Emu Heights

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Emu Heights

Identical to motor vehicles, laptops or computers are really a an important part of day to day life and whenever they run like expected to, we consider it for granted… However, just like automobiles, pc systems can easily wear out when you least expect and while you can least afford for this to occur.

 All of our computer technicians pride themselves on their own specialist sector practical knowledge, skillsets and also capacity to look after whatever personal computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to deal with frequent computer troubles or those unique hairy ones which happen once in five years and get most people scratching their heads. Which means that, when you have an issue, its in all likelihood we have run into this numerous times in the past, placing Mobile Geeks in the best position to supply your computer service and maintenance requirements making the problems disappear for good.

Emu Heights Historical Note:

Emu Heights is located 58 kilometres west from the Sydney central business district; it is under the local area government of the City of Penrith and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region

Emu Heights was established in 1831 by free settler George Innes, who had obtained 400 acres near McCanns Island. He named the area Emu Heights; however the name wasn’t officially assigned to the neighbourhood until 1976.

The suburb is just outside the Sydney metropolitan area – it sits at the foot of the Blue Mountains and is on the western side of the Nepean River

In 1972 the Emu Heights Public School was founded and had just 87 pupils and 3 teachers. The area has parklands, sport and golfing facilities and access to the river offers fishing, swimming, canoeing and other water sports. With power boats not using this section of water it is now home to a variety of native and migratory water birds

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Check office antivirus


Check all of clients PC's for altest anti-virus definitions.

Client is unable to send emails


Client called and explained that they are unable to send emails, but they can receive them. After investigation their address seems to be blocked due to posible spam sending.

Assist with Antivirus programs


Client called and wanted assistance with antivirus. They were confused which ones to get and weren't sure how much it was per year. Got them onto our cloud protection.

Client called with keyboard keys not working


Client called and explained that some of their keys are not working on their keyboard. After recommendation to get a new keyboard and try it, it worked, client very happy.

Format machine with blue screen errors


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect computer blue screening

3. Pickup machine to workshop

4. Remove HDD and plug into drive kit

5. Back up all user files/data

6. Reinstall HDD

7. Format C drive

8. Install windows

9. Setup windows

10. Download and install drivers and latest service packs

11. Install common programs (java flash etc)

12. Deliver machine to client

13. Plug in machine and install office 2003 and Invisus security software

14. Check with client all ok

15. Check internet works (pass)

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