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Computer Repairs Englorie Park

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Englorie Park

Identical to motor vehicles, computer units certainly are a a part of everyday life and if they operate like they are expected to, people consider it for granted… Having said that, just like vehicles, laptops or computers can crash when you least expect and whilst you can least afford for that to take place. 

All of our computer technicians pride themselves upon their own professional industry expertise, proficiency not to mention ability to take care of any type of computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to correct basic computer problems or even those wonderful hairy ones which happen once in five-years and get everyone scratching their heads. Hence, for those who have a problem, it is really in all likelihood we've come upon this lots of times before, leaving Mobile Geeks in the best position to provide your computer service and maintenance needs and make the problems disappear altogether.

Englorie Park Historical Note:

Englorie Park is located 55 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is under the local area government of the City of Campbelltown and is part of the Macarthur region.

Englorie Park is a small and relatively new suburb, having only been designated with its own name in March 2000. Prior to this Englorie Park was a part of the suburb of Campbelltown. Named after historic Englorie Park House, which was built by greyhound breeder Alfred Park in 1880. Originally called Parkholme the property was renamed by Charles Burcher of Euglo Station at Condoblin. This was later corrupted into Englorie Park.

Situated very close to Campbelltown Hospital and the Macarthur Square shopping centre Englorie Park is a small mostly residential suburb nestled between the neighbouring suburbs of Glen Alpine, Ambarvale and Campbelltown. The local child care centre operates within the historic Englorie Park House.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Computer maintenance: Free space on clients desktop


Client's hard disk is almost full. After investigation was able to clean old windows backups, cache and mainly cleaned very large log files.

computer repairs task: set up remote access


1. Installed log me in on desktop computer

2. Installed laptop log me in shortcuts

3. Installed itunes and configured iphone modem

4. Tested all working 100%

computer repairs task: Remove password and recover data


1. Manually removed login password

2. Backed up all relevant data

3. Reinstalled Windows 7 and installed all updates and service packs

4. Installed and updated Microsoft Security Essentials

5. Installed and updated Acrobat Reader

6. Installed Flash and Java and updates

7. Test and pass

Inspect machine running extremely slow


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect computer running extremely slow

3. Boot into safe mode

4. Uninstall macafee AV (as Norton was installed too)

5. Boot into windows

6. Found CPU usage at 100%

7. Locate culprit process causing 100% usage

8. Remove process

9. Restart and test (pass)

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