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Computer Repairs Fairfield

Refine Computer Repairs


Similarly to motor cars, computer units certainly are a an element of everyday activity and if they function like they are expected to, people take it for granted… Having said that, just like cars, computing devices may malfunction when you least expect and whilst you can least afford for this to take place.

Each of our computer technicians take great pride in themselves on his or her professional industry experience, abilities and also capacity to cope with any type of personal computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to address everyday computer issues or even those memorable hairy ones which happen once in five years and have a lot of people scratching their heads. So, in case you have a problem, it really is no doubt we've run into it lots of times before, putting Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance needs and make the stress disappear altogether.

Fairfield Historical Note:

Fairfield is located 29 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is the administrative centre for the local government area of the City of Fairfield and is part of the local government area of the City of Holroyd. Fairfield shares it’s postcode of 2165 with the separate suburbs of Fairfield West, Fairfield East and Fairfield Heights.

For over 30,000 years the Cabrogal-Gandangara Aboriginal people have lived in the area.

Gabriel Louis Marie Huon de Kerrileu a Frenchman who fled the French revolution by enlisting in the NSW Corps received a land grant of 100 acres in the centre of present day Fairfield that he named Castel Paul. In 1840 Captain John Horsley bought Castel Paul renaming it after the family estate in Somerset England – Fairfield. Later Thomas Ware Smart a state treasurer bought the estate and built the mansion Fairfield House in the 1860’s

Opened in 1856 Fairfield Railway Station has the oldest surviving railway building in NSW

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Install & configure new workstations for new client


Setup new workstations as per requirements. Installed and configured latest windows versions. Installed on site.

Client is getting a pop up on Outlook


Client called and explained that they were getting a pop up on outlook about data. After inspection it was crash reports, turned off crash reports, message should no longer show.

Client wanted the Outlook to be checked, erratic


There were a few aberrations with the performance of Outlook - such as links not opening, emails not being sent.

It was necessary to uninstall and reinstall the software.

Dell Desktop not powering on.


Found Dell desktop computer not powering on, found problem to be with faulty power supply.

Fix list of issues in medium office


1. Went onsite

2. Remove old machine

3. Setup new workstation machine

4. Setup windows and install common programs (java flash etc)

5. Perform windows updates

6. Join to network domain

7. Create local admin rights

8. Remove HDD from old machine

9. Use drive kit on HDD and extract data onto new machine for user (work files etc)

10. Retrieve printer settings from user 2 machine

11. Download drivers for two network printers

12/ Install drivers for printer and connect to machine

13. Inspect user 3 machine slow/unstable and explorer issues

14. Remove AVG

15. Reset explorer (still failed to goto https sites), install firefox and test (pass), install flash and shockwave for firefox

16. Install MS Sec. Essents. and updated (detected trojan - suspended)

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