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Computer Repairs Frenchs Forest

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Frenchs Forest

The same as vehicles, computing devices definitely are a part of day to day life and whenever they perform like they are expected to, most people consider it for granted… Nevertheless, like automobiles, pc systems can stop working when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for this to happen.

Our computer technicians take great pride in themselves on their own specialist industry practical knowledge, skills and capacity to deal with it any type of computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to repair usual computer issues or even those exceptional hairy ones which happen once in five-years and have a lot of people scratching their heads. Thus, if you've got a problem, it truly is no doubt we have come upon it lots of times before, putting Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance requirements making the complications disappear for good ..

Frenchs Forest Historical Note:

Frenchs Forest is located 13 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Warringah Council and is part of the Northern Beaches region and a part of the Forest District.

The land in this area was once home to the Garigal Aboriginal clan. Evidence of their life here remains in the form of rock art and rock engravings. Exploration into the area began just weeks after settlement at Sydney Cove. Governor Phillip himself made several journeys through the area observing the Aboriginal way of life and documenting the flora, fauna and landscape.

In 1853 the Pearce bothers acquired 200 acres in this area with their property becoming known as Rodbrough. Later purchased by John French the man who also developed the land that would become known as neighbouring Forestville. Despite its closeness to Sydney it remained relatively rural throughout the 19th century

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client wanted to move to Cloud


New cloud e-mail system was set up, including cloud back up.  Accessed domain to/DNS. configured accounts, exported all relevant historicl data, imported these into the new e-mail system.  Updates were run to allow Outlook to connect to the new system.  Computers were checked for viruses, also reconnected the printer and connected the laptops and other devices using wifi.  Made sure they could all print via the network printer.

Troubleshoot iPhone not displaying all emails


After troubleshooting with the client was able to change how many emails to save on the iPhone which led to more emails being fetched.

Perform virus scans and maintenance


Client wishes to have their PC scanned for malware and some maintenance done. Remoted into the machine and performed scans, updates, defragment of HDD, cleaned some old files, checked clients backups.

Email setup for iphone


Client required help setting up email account on their iphone. 

computer repairs task: configure new network address for business printer


1. configure IP on printer for new modem -

2. print test page (PASS)

Computer repairs task Set up of new computer



IBM Lenovo Desktop - Intel I5 3.2GHz processor, 4 GIG ram, 500 GIG HDD. (Stevens
 1 $960.00 $960.00
 3 Hours Labour - Setup of new IBM Lenovo computer onto network. Setup applications and
emails and data transfer from old Dell computer.

IBM Lenovo Desktop - Intel I5 3.2GHz processor supplied. Setup of new IBM Lenovo computer onto network. Setup applications and emails and data transfer from old Dell computer. Computer repairs completed successfully. 


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