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Computer Repairs Glen Alpine

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Glen Alpine

Similar to motor cars, computing devices are a element of daily life so when they function like expected to, we all take it for granted… Nevertheless, the same as cars, computers can certainly malfunction when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for that to occur.

Our computer technicians take great pride in themselves on their own special trade experience, skill sets and power to look after any kind of personal computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to fix everyday computer problems as well as those special hairy ones which happen once in five years and get everyone scratching their heads. So, if you've a concern, it really is no doubt we've encountered this numerous times in the past, setting Mobile Geeks in the best position to supply your computer service and maintenance requirements and make the stress disappear for good ..

Glen Alpine Historical Note:

Glen Alpine is located 56 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Campbelltown and is the Macarthur region.

The Glen Alpine name dates back to the 1820’s when Thomas Reddall built a house with that name. The house burnt down in the early 1900’s (the site is now called Heritage Park), but another property owner James Sheil built a new Glen Alpine House that still stands in Bell Tree Close.

The Glen Alpine area began as a golf course estate with just a few homes built inside the 18 hole course. From the late 1990’s development expanded outside the estate and towards the local Macarthur Square shopping centre. The suburb is a low density housing area, with no apartments or flats. The new housing development Macarthur Gardens includes homes, a tennis complex and shopping centre.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Diagnose printer that isn't noticed on the network


Investigate clients printer that has dropped of the network. After investigation, was able to hard boot the printer and get it back online.

Office upgrade all workstations


Clients want new workstations for all employees. Installed Lenovo workstations, backed up every machine and transferred to new workstations.

Laptop blank screen when powering on


Client had issues with laptop not turning on. Client required backup of data and a reinstallation of windows software. 

Format Windows XP HP machine


1. Pick up laptop from client's work

2. Back up all data across 5 user accounts

3. Format C drive

4. Install windows XP

5. Setup windows

6. Install common progrmas (flash etc)

7. Install office

8. Port over backed up data

9. Create links to backed up data

10. Test machine for stability and functionality (pass)

11. Install leading free AV

12. Deliver to client's work

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