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Computer Repairs Haberfield

Refine Computer Repairs


Rather like cars and trucks, laptop or computer systems truly are a an important part of daily life and if they function like expected to, most people take it for granted… But, the same as cars, computer units can certainly stop when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for that to happen.

Our computer technicians pride themselves on their special industry experience, proficiency and also ability to overcome virtually any computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to resolve typical computer difficulties or even those unique hairy ones which happen once in five-years and have everybody scratching their heads. Which means, for those who have a concern, it really is no doubt we've stumbled upon this several times in the past, setting Mobile Geeks in the best position to provide your computer service and maintenance requirements making the troubles go away for good.

Haberfield Historical Note:

Haberfield is located 9 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, it is in the local government area of the Municipality of Ashfield, and it is part of the Inner West region

Early landholder Richard Stanton named Haberfield after his wife’s maiden name.

The area was once inhabited by people from the Darug tribe, known as the Cadigals or Wangals. This land was one of the last areas in the inner west to be divided up for settlement, so, in the early 19th century it became the home for the local indigenous population.

In 1803 Nicholas Bayly received the first land grant, selling it two years later to the Ramsays who developed orchards in the area, built fine homes for their family members and created 4 of the suburbs streets – Ramsay Street, Waratah Street, Boomerang Street and Dalhousie Street which was named after the historic Ramsay home in Scotland.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Clients PC has an error on bootup


Client called and explained that at each bootup their would be an error for; BIOS settings set to default etc. It was due to a fauly CMOS battey, replaced battery and now the BIOS retains it's configuration.

Configure scanner and printer for office PC


Client's new PC doesn't print or scan and they want us to look into it. After inspection downloaded and install the drivers for the client, tested scanner/printer all is working ok.

Client cannot open compressed file


Client called and was having issues opening a compressed file they in an email. After inspection we were able to open it with 7zip. All good, no problems now. Set as default program.

Client believes the computer needs to be replaced, too sluggish and crashes


Computer checked, found out that the storage is very full- carried out disc degfragmentation and clean up

Discussed the clients' needs and options, including the purchase of a new computer.

Computer repairs task PC clean up



General PC cleanup and removal from email black listing sites. recommend
PC backup to external hard drive due to computer age,

General PC cleanup and removal from email black listing sites. recommendPC backup to external hard drive due to computer age.


Install new hard drive and system maintenance


1. Install New External HDD Drive "G"

2. Repartition drive from 3 to 1

3. Repair SD Card Reader "Z"

4. Run C Clean

5. Remover 2 User profiles

6. Add shortcut to modem on desktop

7. Rename Wireless SSID

8. Set new Password for SSID

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