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Computer keeps on crashing - could have a virus


3 desktop computers tested and reconfigured.  2 laptops tested to ensure they are working properly.

No virus found but the storage is too low -- deleted unwanted files,  uninstalled software packages not being used.

Checked that the printer is included in the network -- tested that all devices can print using the Epson XP420 and also the Epson XP720.

All well

Inspect office internet issues


3 hours labour:

- troubleshooted network/router issues

- upgraded anti-virus software

- supply and install new PC

Check of weak wireless connection


Client wishes to have an inspection due to slow wireless and a weak connection. After inspection, recommended and supplied a wireless access point. Also changed wireless channel, wifi is much quicker and strong.

Clients printer keeps disconnecting


Client called and explained that their printers keep loosing connection every week or so.

Install and configure NAS for client


A client wishes to have a NAS installed. Supplied, installed and configured a NAS as requested.

Customers PC is "Running low on memory"


It turned out the customers PC had many background programs/processes running, we were able to remove and deactivate some, the message has not come back since.

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