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Little Bay

As with motor cars, laptops or computers truly are a an important part of everyday activity of course, if they run like expected to, we tend to take it for granted… Nevertheless, much like vehicles, computers will stop working when you least expect and when you can least afford for this to occur.

All of our computer technicians pride themselves upon their specialized field experience, skillset and also ability to deal with it any sort of personal computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to deal with prevalent computer troubles or those special hairy ones which happen once in five-years and get most people scratching their heads. And thus, when you have a difficulty, it is really in all likelihood we have come across this numerous times in the past, leaving Mobile Geeks in the best position to supply your computer service and maintenance requirements making the problems disappear for good.

Little Bay Historical Note:

Little Bay is located 14 kilometres south east of the Sydney central business district; it is under the local government area of the City of Randwick.

The area known as Little Bay was first used as a makeshift camp during the smallpox outbreak in Sydney in 1881-82 to isolate anyone with the disease. At first the area was a *tent city* until the government decided to build a permanent hospital here to deal with the smallpox and typhoid epidemics. The Coast Hospital was valuable during 1900 with the outbreak of the Bubonic plague and again in 1919 when an influenza virus was brought back by soldiers returning from Europe.

In 1934 the Coast Hospital became Prince Henry Hospital and in 2001 when services were transferred to the Prince of Wales hospital the land was opened up for residential use.

Little Bay the suburb takes its name from the geographical formation called Little Bay which also features a small beach

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Rollback file for client


Use backup system too rollback a file for a client. Rolled back file, all good.

Inspect windows stuck at boot


Client called and windows is stuck at a black screen while booting. After inspection was able to boot into safe mode and repair OS. No problems after performing this.

Customers laptop keeps loosing wireless connection


After diagnosing, it appears to be hardware related. Was able to find a newer internal wireless card for the brand of laptop, repalced, installed drivers and it works perfectly.

Outlook 2013 crashing


Client had issue with outlook 2013 crashing. 

Perform data recovery and remove virus


1. Went onsite with previously picked up external USB back up hard drive

2. Remove hard drive from casing, plug into drive kit

3. Ran drive through data recovery software

4. Recovered all data, found hard drive to be intermittent/faulty

5. Replace with new drive in same casing

6. Move extracted data over

7. Deliver to client

8. Upon arrival, client's laptop had caught a virus

9. Removed virus from client's laptop

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