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Computer Repairs Macquarie Park

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Macquarie Park

Similar to motor cars, laptop or computer systems are really a an important part of daily life when they work like they are expected to, we all take it for granted… But, exactly like cars, computing devices will malfunction when you least expect and when you can least afford for this to happen.

Each of our computer technicians pride themselves on their own professional sector knowledge, competencies not to mention ability to tackle any sort of personal computer service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to sort out everyday computer problems as well as those memorable hairy ones that happen once in five-years and have a lot of people scratching their heads. And thus, should you have a problem, it truly is most likely we have experienced this many times before, placing Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance requirements making the complications disappear for good ..

Macquarie Park Historical Note:

Macquarie Park is located 12 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Ryde.  Macquarie Park is on the lower north shore of Sydney and is part of the Northern Suburbs region.

Macquarie Park has been named in honour of Lachlan Macquarie who was the Governor of New South Wales from 1810-1821.

Macquarie Park was a part of the neighbouring suburb North Ryde, with the area once filled with poultry farms and market gardens. The area between the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers was known by its Aboriginal name Wallumatta. That name still lives on in the Wallumatta Nature Reserve at the corner of Cressy and Twin Roads.

By the mid 1960’s Macquarie University and the Macquarie Park Employment Area had been established. The goal was to provide interaction between the University and local industry. During the 1970’s many large companies located their corporate headquarters here.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Install and configure scanner


Install and configure scanner. Supplied, installed and configured.

Clients speakers fuzzy after network changes


Client called and is having an annoying sound come out of their external desktop speakers. They got a wireless network change, after inspection the repeater was installed under their desk, after turning it off the sound went away. Assisted with moving the repeater further away from the speakers.

Microsoft Office 365 set up


Computer repast task: Set up Microsoft Office 365 and ensure all business IT devices are connected.

computer repairs task: replace CPU fan


1 hour labour - supply and install new CPU fan to replace broken fan.

Rectify graphics card issue and perform system maintenance


1. Remove Graphics Card from HP desktop DX7100

2. Clean inside PC

3. Install Onboard Graphics Driver

4. Clean user profile


Setup ADSL modem, join devices to wireless and replace power supply


1. Went onsite

2. Locate appropriate phone line socket for ADSL internet connection

3. Connect and setup modem, enter config details to connect to internet

4. Move all computers and printer to new modem/router

5. Setup computer upstairs

6. Setup wireless router with security

7. Join two computers and xbox to wireless router

8. Install new power supply into one computer to replace faulty

9. Perform cleanup on two computers

10. Change outlook outgoing mail server settings

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