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Mcmahons Point

Rather like motor cars, laptops or computers certainly are a an element of day to day life and while they work like expected to, many of us consider it for granted… Having said that, the same as vehicles, computing devices will break-down when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for that to happen.

Each of our computer technicians pride themselves on his or her specialized trade experience, skill sets as well as power to handle every computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to sort out typical computer troubles or even those unique hairy ones that happen once in five-years and get everybody scratching their heads. Hence, if you've a concern, it is really more than likely we have experienced it several times in the past, placing Mobile Geeks in the best position to provide your computer service and maintenance requirements making the troubles vanish.

Mcmahons Point Historical Note:

McMahons Point is located 3 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of North Sydney Council. McMahons point is part of the North Shore area of Sydney.  McMahons Point sits on a peninsula that is flanked by Lavender Bay to the east and Berrys Bay to the west.

Named after an Irish manufacturer of brushes and combs; Maurice McMahon who built his home on the headland in 1864. In 1890 he became the mayor of the borough of Victoria (which later became North Sydney).

Once a working class suburb, the area is now one of Sydney’s most exclusive areas, with a medium to high density residential area.

Land was originally settled and farmed in 1806 with further land grants given out in 1817. A tram line was extended to McMahons Point in 1909 which stimulated development in the area. The tram service was replaced by a bus service in 1933.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

fix computer


remove the virus from computer in Mcmahons Point

Clients mail is opening the same message


Client called and explained that the same email was opening for any message that they would open. After investigating, removal and reinstall of their mail fixed it. Recommended to upgrade to Outlook

Client could not print via the networked printer - urgent, no other printer available


The computer was remotely accessed via Teamviewer.  Client was on standbay to help the technician, i.e., switching the devices off and on.

Tested, worked properly/

Desktop computer ridiculously slow -- at times it crashes


Computer was checked for viruses - none.  The storage is 98% full and needs thorough clean up.  Client advised which folders can be completely deleted to free up the memory.  Much data was dumped.  The computer was defragmented and the asnti virus software was checked if running properly.  It was found out that it was, in fact, switched off.  Configured settings so that the anti virus actively works. 

The computer is quite old 11 years -- it needs replacement and the client was asked to determine what he needs the computer for, and once this is done, to contact MobileGeeks for a more thorough discussion.  A recommendation will be made afterwards.

Needed an anti virus software for the office computers


Supplied Trend Micro Worry Free Business Advanced Security suite for the server, desktops and network.

 Also installed the software in two laptops.  Configured the settings for the anti virus protection.

Outlook keeps on resending multiple e-mails


Performed a complete computer clean up.

Deinstalled and reinstalled Outlook - tested various e-mail accounts.

Re configured all the e-mail accounts.

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