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Computer Repairs Milsons Point

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Milsons Point

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needs dual screens for all the PCs at the small office


Price was discussed. The job was scheduled for the dual screens to be installed.

Customers computer screen is occasionally going black


Customers computer screen was sometimes going black for a couple of seconds. It appeared to be a graphics driver issue, reinstalled the latest graphics driver and that seemed to fix it.

The client needs help with networking


The computers were checked, disc clean up done - drives updated.

Microsoft Office uninstalled and re-installed.  Cleared up hard drive to have more storage.

2 PCs and 2 lap tops configured to connect to the network via router.  Printer set up in the network.

PCs and laptops, 2 iphones and 2 Samsung phones tested to ensure they can print.  All well

computer repairs task: supply and setup new Toshiba Windows 7 laptop for business user


1. went on site to supply/set up new laptop for user

2. launch first boot on laptop

3. select appropriate settings

4. apply settings and boot to windows

5. remove oem trash apps

6. download office 2010 click to run

7. install office 2010 click to run

8. download required components for click to run 2010

9. create user account on server

10. set up outlook for emails

11. connect printer to users laptop

Configure internet settings and configure backup


1. Remove Netgear from preferred network list

2. Configure Norton 360 Backup run updates

3. Reset Modem

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