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USB port hub not working


Client had issues with their USB port hub not functioning. 

Correct issues in medium office with internet, emails and file sharing


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect small network share issue ( 2 x win 7, 1 x win xp)

3. Reset share permissions for all three computers, add users and apply permission levels to all three users

4. Set shared folders and map network drives on all three machines

5. Test network share (pass)

6. Show client how to install/run MYOB over network

7. Remove email from xp machine

8. Locate details for domainl, login and create new email (all slots used 1/1)

9. Login to modem and apply settings for port forwarding for remote desktop

10. Change port on front desk machine, test RDC (fail)

11. Create logmein account for client, install and configure

12. Show client how to use logmein for remote work

13. Inspect internet settings on all machines in office

14. Adjust settings on all machines to default to adsl2 connection in office, witnessed significant increase in internet speed and emailing

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