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Computer Repairs Mulgrave

Refine Computer Repairs


Rather like vehicles, computer systems certainly are a a part of life when they perform like expected to, many of us consider it for granted… Even so, very much like automobiles, computing devices can stop working when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for that to happen.

Our computer technicians take great pride in themselves upon their specialized industry knowledge, skill-sets and also power to manage all computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have got what it takes to repair usual computer concerns or those memorable hairy ones that happen once in five-years and get people scratching their heads. Therefore ,, when you've got a problem, it is most certainly we have stumbled upon it lots of times before, setting Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance requirements and make the headaches disappear altogether.

Mulgrave Historical Note:

Mulgrave is located 53 kilometres from the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Hawkesbury.

The townships surrounding Mulgrave include Windsor, South Windsor, Bligh Park, Windsor Downs, Marsden Park, McGraths Hill, Oakville and Vineyard.

Mulgrave’s railway station is on the Western Line of the City rail network. There is one high school in Mulgoa - Windsor High which is on Windsor Road. On the same road you will find a MacDonald’s fast food outlet. There is a small shopping centre on Calvert Boulevard.

The area has very limited services, and residents need to head to neighbouring townships for Doctors, dentists and hospitals.  The population in 2001 was just 238, the town is still quite rural with no high rise or developments, the area is not an industrial area, and still has that laid back rural feel.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Inspect and repair wireless dropouts


Client is having wireless drop outs. After investigation had to replace the modem and reconfigure wireless network. No issues since.

Remove virus on Windows Vista and install additional ram


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect machine riddled with virus/malware etc

3. Install scanner tool, update

4. Boot into safe mode, run scan, remove infected objects

5. Reboot several times to test (pass)

6. Remove old antivirus linked to old server (non existant now)

7. Provide local admin rights to user account

8. Install avast av, update and register for free licence

9. Reboot and test (pass)

10. Install additional ram

11. Remove ram from old non working machine and install

12. Start machine and test with new ram sticks installed (2 sticks - pass, much faster)

13. Final system test and pass

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