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Similarly to motor cars, laptop or computer systems surely are a element of daily living and whenever they operate like expected to, most people take it for granted… Having said that, just as vehicles, computers can break down when you least expect and when you can least afford for that to occur.

All of our computer technicians take great pride in themselves on their own professional field experience, skillset not to mention capability to take on virtually any computing device service or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to repair common computer issues or even those one-of-a-kind hairy ones which happen once in five years and have people scratching their heads. Which means, when you've got an issue, it's most likely we've stumbled upon this numerous times in the past, leaving Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer service and maintenance requirements making the troubles fade away.

Normanhurst Historical Note:

Normanhurst is located 23 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Hornsby Shire.

Normanhurst was originally known as Hornsby – while the suburb now known as Hornsby was originally called Jack’s Island. The construction of the railway line in the 1890’s brought the name change. The two lines North Shore rail line and Northern Railway Line, were joined at a station called Hornsby Junction, while one stop south on the northern line kept the name Hornsby. So, to avoid confusion the postmaster demanded Hornsby change its name.

Normanhurst came from a prominent resident Norman Self a civil engineer, Hurst was the English name for a wooded hill. Ironically Self actually campaigned against the name change. In 1900 the railways station was renamed and Normanhurst was used for the suburb that developed around it.

There are a small number of shops close to the railway station.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Change clients BIOS options to turn off USB charging


Client called and explained that their lights on the keyboard stay on when the computer is switched off. After investigating it was USB power enabled after shutdown, turned it off, problem solved.

Wireless not working on laptop


Client had an issue with the wireless not working on their laptop. 

Wanting to install Anti Virus software


Client is interested in purchasing Anti Virus software and having it installed/setup on her PC. 

Address list of issues in small office


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect user machine virus infected

3. Boot into safe mode

4. Install, update scanner tool

5. Perform quick scan, remove infected files, restart machine, found virus kept reappearing

6. Perform full scan (fail)

7. Perform quick scan, remove infected files

8. Backup registry

9. Remove files from registry relating to virus

10. Perform cleanout of all user accounts on machine and clear system temp files

11. Reboot machine twice and test, open all different types of programs (pass)

12. Install avast AV

13. Perform repair on user 2 laptop for Adobe professional 7

14. Install avast AV on user 3 laptop

15. Plug in all external drives for network shares

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