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Each of Mobile Geeks IT consultants come along with years of industry working experience as well as training and their references are generally cross checked on their previous employers in this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with more or less all Head Office team that set up everyday duties are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This means whenever you get our computer repair services you won't need to be undergo avoidable waiting around times because a company was not sure the exact neighbourhood of Pagewood together with its nearness to other points and won't require to spend some time on the phone making clear your business address. Moreover, you will not need to use your time waiting for your Geeks to clear up where to find your workplace or residence and how to park the Geek mobile. All the lads know their jobs and also realize how to travel to you in most effective manner. We are able to give you any sort of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it be a wireless network unit installation, electronic mail Web server set up , Malware Removing, Firewall software system, Internet Security or back-up and recovery services, Mobile Geeks will help IT easy. All of our expert computer repair technicians have resolved most IT issues before and shall fix your internet link, arrange your home office, get rid of the virus and locate your deleted records fast, expertly and, normally ,, without separating you and your pc.

Pagewood Historical Note:

Pagewood is located 8 kilometres south east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Botany Bay, and is a part of the south eastern suburbs of Sydney

 Pagewood was originally planned as a garden suburb much like neighbouring Daceyville. However it ended up providing housing after World War One when there was a land shortage. In 1919 the new suburb began to develop as an estate called Monash Gardens. The name was changed to Pagewood in 1929 to honour an Alderman on Botany Council – F.J. Page.

In 1935 National Studios opened here and operated for nearly 30 years, British and Australian cinema was produced here. In the 1950’s the site was sold to General Motors Holden, who, until 1981 ran a car manufacturing plant there.

In 1960 the council considered changing the suburb name to East Botany, but residents managed to win the fight to retain the name.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Check server for activity


General checkup on the server for activity.

Address list of requirements in medium office


1. Setup new laptop for user (windows setup and updates)

2. Went onsite

3. Migrate data from old to new laptop for user

4. Join new laptop to office network/server

5. Install components on network (AV, printers etc)

6. Connect outlook to emails and set signature

7. Map relevant network drives

8. Create VPN connection for offsite email

9. Install telstra wireless USB and test along with VPN connection (pass)

10. Remove user data from old laptop

11. Create new user on server

12. Connect old laptop to new user account and provide local admin rights

13. Set printers, mapped drives and outlook emails

14. Run cable from wall outlet to ethernet port for user 3 laptop for stable connection to network

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